X-ALPHA Virtual Reality Simulator

Meet the world’s first LSA flight simulator that uses Virtual Reality technology

The X-ALPHA virtual reality Simulator was exclusively developed for Pipistrels’ ALPHA Trainer and ALPHA Electro Aircraft. The simulator consists of several elements that when combined offer a unique and 99% realistic virtual reality experience of flying these aircraft.


The first thing you notice is X-ALPHA’s physical cabin, it’s identical to the cabin of a real ALPHA Trainer or ALPHA Electro airplane. It has two seats with the pilot seat on the left side. The pilot has all of the controls needed to fly a real airplane. The joystick controls roll and pitch, pedals control yaw just like in the real plane while the flaps, throttle, brake lever and electric elevator trim control are operated identically to the real aircraft. The controls are identical to the real aircraft and fully operational, they have similar input force requirements and feedback as the real aircraft. They are connected to sensors that read their input and transfer that to the computer.


X-ALPHA relies on versatile software developed in house and from third party developers. Our software runs the physical simulation of the airplane, reads the inputs from the sensors on the controls and draws the airplane and its surroundings on the monitor and inside the virtual reality headset that the pilot uses.

The single most important element of our simulator system is Virtual reality.

The X-ALPHA uses VR (Virtual Reality) headset instead of the usual monitors.

This is a huge advantage because the headset allows the pilot a 360 degree view of the cockpit and the landscape. You can lean closer to the instrument panel to read the marks written in smaller font, look through the window and check if the landing gear is still in one peace after the landing or whether the flaps are indeed in the second position and did i mention sound ?  Sound comes through the VR headset that replicates the throttle setting and noise of the actual aircraft.

The experience is extremely immersive and just like flying the real aircraft.

The X-ALPHA was developed in cooperation with Pipistrel test pilots and flight instructors and it accurately simulates the behavior of the real aircraft. The simulator can be used for basic flight instruction and currency training, this is not a toy but a real simulator.

The X-ALPHA was first presented to the public at AERO Friedrichshafen in 2017 where it attracted a lot of attention and orders.

CA Dealer Sabi delivering the X-ALPHA VR Simulator to Cypress College CA