Pipistrel Dealership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a US Dealer for the Pipistrel aircraft range.

We are understandably very selective with our dealer appointments as we want to develop a strong, successful and supportive team in the USA that can support our aircraft in the LSA, glider and experimental categories.

Pipistrel dealers must meet a large ‘wish list’ of desirable qualities for appointment of a successful regional dealer or promoter and we understand that you will probably only meet some of these requirements, but they include….

  • Be a current Flying Instructor or Chief Flying Instructor to train new owners
  • Have a broad range of flying experience
  • Be an experienced pilot able to safely demonstrate our aircraft
  • Have a maintenance background or access to a maintenance facility
  • Live on or close to an airport suitable for demonstration flights throughout the year
  • Be readily contactable at most times and have mobile phone and daily internet access
  • Be financially sound
  • Have access to a clean, uncluttered hangar suitable for customer visitations
  • Regularly attend air shows
  • Enjoy flying and meeting people
  • Be loyal, honest, trustworthy and forthright with customers
  • Maintain at least one demonstration aircraft at all times
  • Have composite construction experience and to be familiar with construction techniques to answer customers inquiries
  • To attend at least one training course each two years at the Pipistrel facility in Slovenia or Italy.

We are also keen to hear your views on how you can contribute to our existing dynamic dealer team. We understand that many applicants may not meet all of the above criteria, but we urge you to proceed with your application if you feel that you have something special to offer.

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