Newsletter 120 – November 2019

Newsletter 120 November 2019

Pipistrel aircraft owners support website

Way back in 2003 we started a support website on Yahoo groups. The idea of this support website was that owners of Pipistrel aircraft or people that were interested in finding out more about Pipistrel aircraft could join the site, share information and ask questions.

The operation of this site was independent and not a factory resource. The great thing about this support website was that owners from around the world could share information about their aircraft, ongoing maintenance and most importantly the different trips and adventures they have undertaken. It was truly a great resource.

Fast forward to about one month ago and an email came through saying that Yahoo groups (which was now owned by Verison wireless??) Were shutting down the Yahoo group system early December.

We could not let this fantastic resource and repository get lost, they say the Internet is forever but in this case the switch was going to be flicked and everything, all of those years of information which are considered by many to be very valuable be lost.

Another group system was sourced out and we were able to transfer all of our information over to the new platform which was fantastic and would enable us to continue this very valuable resource.

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to join the new support group site.

Pipistrel aircraft have proven themselves over tens-of-thousands of hours, all over the globe and the idea of this support web site is to promote Pipistrel aircraft and provide a forum for owners and interested people to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at these fantastic aircraft.

Suggested guidelines for the group are….

• Write short and where possible keep it to the point.
• Use discretion or good judgment when posting try to keep flaming to a minimum.
• Post material and suggestions which can be useful to the group, personalization or modifications to the aircraft are most welcome.
• If there is something you don’t like please email me direct at
• Encourage other owners to join, the more who contribute the more depth and resources our group will have.

Or browse the group directly