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Pipistrel Academy Online training courses

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Saso Knez – Head of training Pipistrel Academy Program

I will never forget my first flight on a Pipistrel, It was a Virus SW 100 hp.

My impression was that this is just the right mix between a scooter and a rocket. I could not hide my smile for days.

When I started instructing new owners on Pipistrels, I saw that for most pilots the experience was the same, exhilarating and unforgettable. During this flight training, it became obvious that there was a large gap between what is normally taught in theoretical courses at flight schools and the equipment the Pipistrel aircraft are fitted with.

I order to bridge this divide I decided to launch Pipistrel-Online. This was back in 2012, Now we are in the second generation of the portal, our customer base is wide and encompasses 27 countries and growing.

Pipistrel Academy Online training courses

Pipistrel-Online is a methodical and operationally well-proven system. It offers its users high-quality theoretical training instruction for all Pipistrel aircraft types.

Lessons are organized in logical subparts that are designed in a way that leads you from basic to more advanced concepts as clearly as possible and are supported by interactive elements of video, diagrams, and drawings.    START NOW!

Pipistrel Academy Online training courses
Pipistrel Academy Online training courses

Pipistrel-Online was a standard setter and we are proud to maintain this position with a FREE ALPHA Electro course – the first course globally that explains the in’s-and-out’s of operating an electric aircraft.


We built Pipistrel-Online in mind with your needs, whether you are a student pilot, advanced pilot, flight instructor or an aviation enthusiast. Pipistrel-Online has been tested and verified by experimental and production test pilots of Pipistrel and instructors at the Pipistrel Academy.

We would like to welcome you to try out one of our free online courses for yourself and explore the exciting world of flight!

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