Newsletter 99 – March 2018

New Caledonia – Alpha Trainer flown more than 4,000 hours

Do you remember from a few years ago about the “flying flower in paradise” somewhere in the remote Pacific?

Well, here is another update from the warm little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to brighten your day.

Hotel Hibiscus, a very active New Caledonian flight school sent out a message in February:

“Soon at 4000 flight hours and still like new!”

Flight School “Hibiscus” in New Caledonia got their first Alpha Trainer in July 2014.

Immediately they started  flight training and sight-seeing flights to their guests.

The weather and the landscape in New Caledonia are so incredible that it is possible to fly all year round and being on the “ring of fire” you can even fly close to some active Volcanoes.

The Alpha reached 2,100 flight hours in just 2 years and they were very happy that during the engine overhaul that the aircraft proved to be in excellent condition, despite warm and moist air, salty atmosphere and course flight training lessons with many rough landings.

Their Original ALPHA Trainer

4,000 hours flow and soon to be fitted with their 3rd Rotax 80hp engine. Shows the durability of composite aircraft in such a harsh marine and humid environment.

Pristine Coral Reefs

The Hotel’s sightseeing tour takes passengers over the warm and clear Pacific Ocean and miles of unspoilt coral reefs.

What a location to learn to fly !

Hibiscus operates 2 Virus SW aircraft and an ALPHA Trainer (which has just passed the 4,000 hours mark) flying around 1,000 hours per year in the flight school.

In a statement from the chief pilot “We are totally satisfied with the Pipistrel aircraft, we could not ask for a better aircraft for our use in this hostile environment”…. their operations will be expanded by another ALPHA Trainer in 2 weeks time bringing a total of 4 aircraft in their fleet.

What a place to learn to fly !