Newsletter 93 – September 2016

Pipistrel is proud to announce that we are one of the partners in the “HY4” project – the world’s first four-seat passenger aircraft powered by a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. The aircraft accomplished a successful first public flight on 29. September.


HY4 took off from the airport in Stuttgart at 11:15 am and performed a short 15-minute demonstrative flight above the public and the media. The aircraft has much more potential, but for this period the airport of Stuttgart did a great favor to us: they stopped all the other air traffic, so the spectators could hear the almost-completely-silent flight of the HY4.



Violeta Bulc, EU Transport Commissioner, gave a statement on zero-emission flying:
„I am proud that European researchers and manufacturers are launching this hydrogen fuel cell powered aircraft. Such forward looking activities embody the future of zero-emission flying. The Commission firmly supports such initiatives, which are fully in line with our new strategy for low-emission mobility. Aviation plays an important role in bringing people together, connecting large cities as well as remote locations. It also ensures businesses can grow and develop. The EU will continue to support such initiatives, to drive innovation forward.” 

Georg Fundel, Managing Director of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, is delighted by the fact that the first flight took place at Stuttgart Airport:
„Further growth is expected for Stuttgart Airport and aviation in general. For us, this is an important reason to focus on environment-friendly and, someday, even zero-emission aviation, as well as innovative technologies.“




History repeats itself:

Almost to the day 5 years ago, the G4 aircraft was the star of all the media once more. This was when it won the NASA challenge:

Team of NASA 2011 GFC in front of the Taurus G4;  and Pipistrel team with the HY4 in 2016.

The story is in fact quite similar; a few faces in the team may be different, but the amount of hard work and sleepless nights is the same.

And the gigantic step towards the green flight is enormous, too!