Newsletter 89 – June 2016

Pipistrel, the world’s leading developer and producer of advanced micro-light, LSA aircraft and self-launching gliders has completed the 800th aircraft from the Sinus/Virus family, adding up to more than 1500 different aircraft produced over 27 years.

June 2016: Pipistrel produces aircraft no.800!

Pipistrel is proud to announce that recently aircraft no.800 from the Sinus/Virus family was completed. The aircraft will be shipped to the other side of the globe – to Argentina!
This occasion was an opportunity for the Pipistrel team of over 100 members to take a photo next to the aircraft:

This time we are even more proud because the representatives of the customer traveled from the other side of the world to join us at this event!
Mr. André Hediger and Mr. Ernesto M. Hayes – “Teto”,  were eager to accept the keys from the representatives of Pipistrel at the company’s HQ facility in Ajdovščina.

Left to right:
Mr. Boris Velikonja, Pipistrel Head of production;  Mr. Ernesto M. Hayes – Teto and  
Mr. André Hediger of Aeroatelier, Pipistrel representatives for Argentina;  and Mr. Tadej Hozic, Pipistrel product Manager