Newsletter 82 – September 2015

Pipistrel is proud to announce that after long months of reorganisation of the company, employing more engineers, obtaining and updating a lot of hardware and software and with excellent help and cooperation from EASA, we joined the small and elite group of European companies, certified for aircraft design. We received the Design Organisation Approval certificate from EASA! Approvals Slovenia.pdf

Pipistrel is only the SECOND company (after Airbus) in the entire European Union that has the 100% fully electronic management of aircraft design process documentation.

We are extremely proud that we had the SHORTEST audit in the history of EASA, without a SINGLE discovered irregularity or error!
The obtained approval will shorten the processes of certification, so Pipistrel will become more agile in the process of reorganization and consequentially be able to produce more aircraft.

At this point we would like to thank everyone who helped in any way with the process of preparation and obtaining the DOA, especially:

Damian Kocjančič, the DOA manager at the EASA
Dominique Roland, the Head of DOA department at EASA
Marcel Kompare – special thanks for help and support
Stefan Ronig – Product Certification Manager
Stefano Fico – deputy Product Certification Manager
Cristina Angulo of General Aviation department

Pipistrel is now legally able to design certified aircraft – and the first one, SW 121, is coming soon! This approval will also shorten the time of certification for Panthera and future new models of aircraft.

Pipistrel would like to thank all our employees and cooperatives who did their best throughout the entire process, especially the Pipistrel R&D department!