Newsletter 76 – April 2015

Lots to talk about in our April newsletter, please enjoy.

Airshows Everywhere

AERO 2015

Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany is rapidly approaching with the event now just over one week away starting April 15 and running through until April 18. Aero is often called the European version of Oshkosh but it has the benefit of being mostly indoors in a huge Exhibition Centre which is only a few hundred metres from an airport which is also the home of the Zeppelin Airships.

Pipistrel will again be a major exhibitor at this show with both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Featured this year will be our electric aircraft program, the Taurus Electro was the world’s first two seat fully electric aircraft to fly in 2007 and has now developed into the Taurus Electro G2 (Generation 2), this aircraft sells around the world and dozens have already been manufactured and delivered to very happy customers including several in the USA.

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Electro which was developed under the code name WATTsUP will also be on display. This aircraft is already in production and is ideally suited to the training market where the majority of flights are only around one hour duration. The aircraft can be fast-charged between training flights and the operating costs are negligible with a small solar panel system mounted on the roof of your hangar to help charge the aircraft; interesting technology and really the way of the future. Please make sure to drop by where we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Pipistrel will also be presenting the Pipistrel Surveyor Aircraft Program. The Surveyor is a special program where we have developed aircraft for special operations including aerial photography, 3-D mapping and other surveillance and border protection type operations. The surveyor program offers an aircraft platform with high takeoff weights and massive endurance using fuel loads up to 350 litres and carrying a wide variety of special payloads. Dozens of Pipistrel surveyor aircraft are in operation and already delivered around the world to many government and military contract organisations.

The Pipistrel Surveyor is not a proof of concept or a wish list development like what’s being offered by many manufacturers. The Pipistrel Surveyor is a real aircraft, available now, customised to your specific mission with the ability to be operated as UAV or OPV and carry a huge variety of payloads. Make sure to visit and find out more details about the capabilities of these unique aircraft.

Sun N Fun

Aero is not the only expo in April…. In the USA Sun N Fun starts a few days after Aero finishes and runs from April 21 through to April 26. Pipistrel will be on display at what used to be called the Ultralight Runway which has been extended a few years ago to allow operation of all types of LSA aircraft.

Our South Eastern dealer, Rand Vollmer will be in attendance throughout the show with his team of helpers and there will be several aircraft on display and available for test flights throughout the duration of the event. Rand will have a number of new and used aircraft available for immediate delivery and be sure to ask for our new pricing now that the Euro has dropped against the USD.

Free Gift

Free gift you say ?

As part of a special promotion throughout April and to continue celebrating Pipistrel’s 26th year of producing some of the best aircraft in the market we are pleased to provide a ballistic parachute system absolutely FREE OF CHARGE in any aircraft sold!

This is a massive saving and applies to all orders placed between now and the end of April 2015.
This special offer applies for all new orders with the deposit payment received until 30 April 2015 (offer does not apply to Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer model or orders placed by government agencies, special operations services and military customers)

Exchange rates

The last 12 months has seen a huge reduction in the strength of the Euro against the US dollar. This reduction has been fairly constant over the last 12 months and it makes an aircraft over 20% cheaper than the same time last year based on the exchange rates alone.

If you have ever looked at a Pipistrel aircraft before and have been tempted but always thought perhaps, it was a little bit too expensive then now is a fantastic time to purchase while the US currency is so strong. An aircraft that was previously US$120,000 is now under US$100,000. Nobody knows what the exchange rate is likely to do in the future but now is the perfect time to lock in your dream aircraft for the best possible price.


Alpha for Sale USA

We currently have available a brand new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft recently delivered into the US. This aircraft needs to be unwrapped, registered and flown off by a happy new owner. At $85,000 US plus registration charges this aircraft represents fantastic value.

Please contact me directly for more information.

Serial Number 700

Into the shipping container and off to a happy customer in the USA is the latest milestone for the Pipistrel factory with serial number 700 of the Sinus/Virus family recently being produced.

This was a great opportunity for a Pipistrel team photo of the aircraft, congratulations to everybody that works at Pipistrel in producing these fine aircraft!


Take care, Michael Coates.