Newsletter 75 – January 2015

Sebring Airshow

2015 has already started off really busy and airshow season started this last weekend with 4 Pipistrel aircraft flying into the Evans Head fly-in in Northern NSW, Australia.

In just a couple of days the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in Florida, USA opens and runs from January 14-17.

This year Rand and his team will be representing Pipistrel from site 203A and flights in most Pipistrel models will be available by appointment during the show. Current reports are for good weather with favourable winds throughout the event.

To get more information on Sebring contact Rand directly or go to the Sebring Expo website


Price Rises

Nothing stays the same price forever, and unfortunately aviation is no different. After a very small price rise last year this year becomes a catch-up year with an approximate 7% price rise throughout our models, mostly brought about by exchange rates and increases in engine prices.

The new prices are valid from the end of this month so as they say…. get in now to beat the price rise!

What’s happening at Pipistrel ?

Well lot’s….. Last November was a huge occasion with dealers from around the world attending the annual dealer training at Pipistrel and at the same time Pipistrel celebrated 25 years and an open day for the community. The 25 year celebrations were legendary with over 200 guests, old and new from around the world including the Slovenian president attending.

The open day for the community was just amazing…. Pipistrel expected maybe 100 people coming for the visit, mostly family and friends of employees but more than 1,000 turned up to be shown through the factory from engineering and production to test flights. The interest was just amazing and plans are already underway for next year’s event.

Development continues on WATTsUP, Pipistrel’s second production electric aircraft which is based on the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer. Magazines from around the world visit and fly the aircraft every few weeks and the prototype is running up hundreds of hours in testing.


Take care, Michael Coates.