Newsletter 74 – December 2014

Merry Christmas from Pipistrel USA

Pipistrel USA wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This time of year is an important time to share with family and friends and Pipistrel has some great news also…


Help Pipistrel celebrate their 25th anniversary with our special gift…..

Every customer who orders an aircraft from the 15th December 2013 to 15th January 2014 will receive the innovative electric bicycle YikeBike for FREE.

This special Pipistrel branded YikeBike is small enough to carry with you in the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

The name and registered trademark of Pipistrel officially appeared 25 years ago, in the year 1989 (although our aeronautical activity started already a few years prior to this).

To mark this important occasion we will celebrate the entire 2014 year in various ways with not only the expected official events and public celebrations, new aircraft models and new projects, guided tours of the factory, limited edition equipment, etc… But we will pamper our customers also with a few surprises – and the first one is already here….

A special edition Pipistrel branded YikeBike with every aircraft ordered between now and the 15th January 2014.

Pilots are often faced with a transport problem landing at an airfield which is out-of-town, away from their final destination, city, hotel etc.

Pipistrel have decided to offer an innovative solution – totally in Pipistrel style! – an electric bicycle YikeBike which can be easily folded small enough to fit in the luggage space of any Pipistrel aircraft in just a few seconds!

The folded YikeBike in its protective bag is so small that you can even fit two of them into the luggage compartment of your aircraft – even if the aircraft has a ballistic parachute installed!

Riding the YikeBike is something special due to its innovative shape (just like everything Pipistrel), but it’s not difficult at all. It can be learned in just a few minutes to the point where you can totally control the bike and ride safely.

After the ride to your destination the YikeBike can be easily folded in just a few seconds, put into its protective bag and stored in the luggage compartment of your aircraft ready for the next destination.

No more having to call a taxi when you fly to the next airfield, and after you finished flying for the day you can jump on your YikeBike and comfortably ride back home!

This free YikeBike promotion is available to new buyers who order an aircraft and pay the deposit payment before 15th January 2014. Each customer will receive ONE YikeBike for EACH aircraft they order.

YikeBike ready to go

Again, on behalf of all the Pipistrel team around the world we wish you a very merry Christmas, compliments of the season and remember there are just a few weeks to get your order in and help us celebrate our 25th anniversary with a free YikeBike.

Take care and compliments of the season, Michael Coates