Newsletter 70 – July 2013

There is so much to talk about in our latest July 2013 newsletter.

  • Matevz Lenarcic completed the flight over the North Pole and was successful!  A huge achievement with the terrible weather experienced en-route.
  • Matevz then went on to be awarded in Paris with the international “Aviator of the Year award”.
  • Wings for Science successfully concluded their flight around the world in a Pipistrel aircraft.
  • and finally…  It’s that time a year again to remind everybody about Oshkosh 2013.


We are pleased to inform you that the pilot Matevz Lenarcic flew over the North Pole in his Virus SW 914 and made a successful crossing of the northernmost point of the Earth on the 30th April 2013 returning safely home from this latest adventure.

Matevz has again proven that there are no obstacles for him.

Flying a small Pipistrel Virus SW aircraft he took off from the Longyear airport on the Svalbard Island at 6:46 GMT. He flew directly towards the North Pole and reached it at 11:40 GMT. He also made a full circle over the North Pole and thus crossed all the time zones in just a few minutes!

This is an achievement that very few pilots can brag about!

Matevz then continued his flight towards the Canadian airport Resolute, where bad weather conditions prevented him from landing. In strong winds and at temperatures under -20 °C he then flew towards the alternative airport Eureka in Nunavut, where he made a successful landing at 15:55 GMT.

Read the full story of this fantastic adventure here:



Matevz Lenarcic (pictured on the right), the pilot who flew around the world twice and crossed the North Pole in a Pipistrel Virus SW has won the voting for the prestigious “Aviator of the Year” award.

You can read more about this prestigious award here:

This achievement is even bigger if we consider his competition: Felix Baumgartner; the helicopter crew that saved all 14 passengers on an emergency landing in the North Sea; and the NATS Olympics Team, who took care for air traffic during the Olympic games in London.

The awards ceremony was held last week in Paris at the Le Bourget airshow, the biggest airshow in France.  Igor Perkon, the Pipistrel Global Sales Manager, congratulated Matevz at Le Bourget in the name of Pipistrel.

Matevz Lenarcic received this award for his amazing achievements:

In 2012 he accomplished a flight around the world with a Pipistrel Virus SW 100 light aircraft – the aircraft with a range of 4500 km and a ceiling of 10.000m enabled Matevz to cross the Pacific, fly over the top of Mt. Everest, cross the equator 6 times, cross all the continents and even land in the Antarctica.

We are proud that we played a part in helping Matevz to receive this prestigious award.

Pipistrel Team would like to congratulate Matevz for yet another great achievement!



Another adventure around the world has just completed with Adrien and Clementine finishing their 14 month expedition at the Paris arishow last week. Flying a total of 60,341 kms in their Pipistrel Virus SW they completed 15 seperate Scientific projects, met with more than 2,000 school children in 32 locations , flew 20,000 feet over the Andes, photographed a breastfeeding sperm whale and took 14,000 gigabites of photos and movies !  Their adventure can be found here:



It’s that time of year again…..  Just a little bit over 25 sleeps before the aviation world stops and heads to central Wisconsin for Oshkosh. This year promises to be exciting with many new aircraft and accessories expected to be released.

Over the past several years Pipistrel USA have exhibited just to the east of Hangar B in what has been a great location for our display but this year unfortunately we are moving to a new location.

The EAA are doing a lot to update and improve the facilities at the exhibition grounds and unfortunately our little piece of paradise has been bulldozed and some nice air-conditioned bathrooms are now occupying our previous site. Fortunately however we have not moved that far away and we are now located almost directly opposite theatre in the woods and just a few short steps away from the tram stops.

This year we are alongside the Soaring Society of America display so there will be one large location representing gliding, soaring and motor gliding aircraft so please make sure to stop by for some shade and a chat.

Joining as this year will be representatives from Pipistrel including the spare parts manager Ms Tanja Grmek who will be happy to go through the correct procedures for ordering spare parts for our current owners, we are happy to have the support of one of the head engineers Tine Tomazic who has joined as for the last several years, Igor Perkon can handle all your inquiries about the Pipistrel Panthera and Tadej Hozic is Pipistrel’s production manager and will help schedule your new aircraft order.

Finally, its with great sadness i advise the passing of one of our close friends and Pipistrel USA dealer, Don Sharp, of Indiana who died recently in an accident. Our thought are extended to Dons family and students in their time of grief.