Welcome to the Pipistrel Aircraft Newsletter for January 2012. In this edition we talk about fishing and the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in Florida.

As a northern hemisphere starts to suffer under another cold and unforgiving winter it is interesting to see Pipistrel aircraft still out and about.

Our dealer for Canada, Mr Jonas Boll has recently sent me through some photographs of his recent fishing trip with the following covering information……

“A friend of mine really wanted to go fishing. So, we took the plane out to do some Ice fishing.

Ice fishing consists of standing around, on a frozen lake, waiting for fish to bite the hook that is lowered down the hole that you drill with the auger.”

This may be the first time a Pipistrel aircraft has landed on water without floats ? He assures me that fishing is good and the cracks you can see in the ice are constantly moving !

“The cracks are from expansion and contraction.  While I was out there, the ice was cracking every 2 to 3 minutes.  It had warmed from -20 to +5 Celsius (-4 to +40 F) in a matter of 4 hours, so the ice was busy shrinking again”

When asked how the plane operated on the frozen lake he only said….. “Runway conditions are…… Icy”

and… did you catch any fish ? His answer was “Just the one!”

The Sebring Sport Aviation Expo is a highlight of the aviation calendar and the first event of 2012.

Held right next to the famous Sebring Raceway in Sebring Florida, the event is fantastically attended with a lot of visitors from around the world as well as a lot of snow birds from the northern USA. The dates are from January 19 to January 22 and Pipistrel will have three aircraft on display including one which will be available for demonstration flights.

The new Pipistrel Sinus aircraft with removable wingtips will be on display as well as information about the new Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer which was recently announced. Recent movements in the US dollar and Euro currency have made Pipistrel aircraft even cheaper so now is a great time to purchase your aircraft for summer.

We look forward to seeing everybody at the event!


Safe flying, Michael Coates