Newsletter 51 – July 2010

Welcome to the Pipistrel aircraft update July 2010, some really exciting news in this issue.

  • Oshkosh AirVenture – Packing our bags
  • Unbelievable pricing for Oshkosh
  • Pipistrel Sinus awarded motorglider of the year
  • Pipistrel factory tour
  • Pipistrel announces production capacity doubled

Oshkosh AirVenture 2010

Hello aviation enthusiasts, it is that time of year again which seems to come around quicker and quicker every time and as I write this newsletter there is just one week until the start of the greatest aviation event in the world. Yes, that’s right the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh starts on Monday July 26 through to Sunday August 1 and as per previous years Pipistrel will be there with an outstanding display which this year will be located in two separate areas. Our main display will again be located at the southern end of the facility in what used to be the Ultralight area where we have the room to spread out and display our large 50 foot wing spans at sites 924 and 943 which are he closest sites to the main access road, another aircraft will be in the LSA Mall along with other aircraft that qualify for the LSA category. Please see the attached map for more information on our locations.

Each year we try to have some sort of special offer and incentive for people to purchase at the Oshkosh aviation event.

This year we are extremely lucky that I have managed to talk Pipistrel into offering some amazing deals including many options included at no extra charge, a substantial discount, coupled to a favorable US dollar to euro exchange rate at the moment makes this the best time ever to purchase a Pipistrel aircraft.

We have also developed some special packages especially for the LSA market which will be introduced at Oshkosh under the name LSA Value Packs. This is a set configuration aircraft which will be much easier for Pipistrel to build and plan for because it has set options. The advantage of building like this is that Pipistrel can bulk purchase equipment and instruments and pass the savings on to the customers. I have seen the discounts which are offered and I must say that it is substantial. I would ask anybody wanting to receive a copy of the latest Oshkosh specials including the LSA value packs to email me directly.

Pipistrel Sinus awarded motorglider of the year

The Aviation and Aerospace Examiner – the nationwide edition – by the, names the Pipistrel Sinus “Aviation and Aerospace Examiner’s Best of the Best 2010” editor’s choice for the motor-glider category. In the words of the press release at PRlog, “one of the most impressive new light sport designs on the world market.” You can view the original release here: www.examiner-com and the press release here

“The Pipistrel Sinus has flown a long way since the beginning of its production in 1995. This unique Ultralight motor-glider has become a world-wide success with over 400 units sold; now flying on all continents! Sinus became the World Champion in 2001 when the French pilot Mr. Philippe Zen became the winner on World Air Games in Spain. In 2005 the same pilot claimed the 2nd place at the world championship, again flying the Sinus.

In 2004, a Slovene pilot, Mr. Matevž Lenarčič set the World Record as the first person to fly Around the World in an aircraft with the take-off mass of less than 500 kgs flying in an almost standard Pipistrel Sinus. He accomplished this solo, with no ground crew; and what is more, he did so flying a Sinus from the serial production, the only modification being larger gasoline tanks.

Pipistrel factory tour

I am always getting asked about the Pipistrel factory. The most common question being, “where is Slovenia?” The answer is…  “Slovenia is a small country situated between the very top of Italy and Austria. It is a small country which was originally part of former Yugoslavia. Pipistrel is located about 20 miles from the Italian border and nearly everybody in the factory is fluent in several languages including Slovenian, English, German and Italian because of their unique geographical location. The next question asked is “what is the factory like?” To answer this we have finally put up on our website a section called “Pipistrel Tour” and this page will take you on a guided tour using photographs through the Pipistrel complex. It is really worth taking a 10 or 15 minutes required to go through this section of our website and familiarize yourself with what makes Pipistrel different. You can access this page by clicking here.

Pipistrel announces production capacity doubled

Finally, it is with great pleasure that I can advise our readers with the ongoing success of all Pipistrel aircraft models that the factory has taken the unique step of tooling additional molds to increase production capacity. Starting very early next year the delivery times for Pipistrel aircraft will be substantially reduced because production capacity will have been doubled by the increase in manufacturing capacity. This has a large number of positive benefits not only is delivery time substantially reduced, the increase in production and the opportunities to source products at a more competitive rate and also the reduction in labor costs will mean that Pipistrel can maintain their very competitive price for what many people recognize as the market leader in this category for not only performance and efficiency but also quality of finish. I must say that I am personally very proud to be associated with Pipistrel.

Well, that’s it for this newsletter as we all continue racing around and packing for Oshkosh. I look forward to meeting our newsletter readers at Oshkosh so please drop by to say hello to our team.

Safe flying, Michael Coates