Newsletter 50 – March 2010

LSA acceptance in the USA is a go!

Where do we start with our exciting news ?

There’s been so much happening in the background at Pipistrel HQ over the last 5 to 6 months with Pipistrel’s entry into the LSA market that we’ve had to keep under-wraps.

Now we can go public with not only the new Pipistrel USA website but also with the fantastic news that all of the Pipistrel aircraft which include…

  • Pipistrel Sinus
  • Pipistrel Virus
  • Pipistrel Virus SW
  • Pipistrel Taurus
  • Pipistrel Apis

Now qualify and are accepted in the LSA category*.
*Note: at present the electric powered versions of these aircraft do not qualify
but this is something we’re working on in the coming months.

To celebrate this milestone in Pipistrel’s history we are able to offer some substantial savings which can be passed on to the first five LSA customers.

Couple these factory savings with a strengthening US dollar [or a weakening euro, it depends on how you look at it] and there is potential to save more than $15,000 on a new aircraft

Yes, without sounding like a used car salesman. “I said $15,000!”

Exchange rate movements over the past four months

Let’s look at this very simplistically and work out the calculations on a stock standard Pipistrel Sinus aircraft.

The base price for a ready to fly Pipistrel Sinus aircraft without shipping is €69,900.

In October of last year this would have cost just under US$106,000

Today, the same aircraft would cost around US$94,000, a substantial saving of around $12,000

Add to this a factory rebate of 5% and the aircraft you are purchasing in October for $106,000 is today only $90,000 complements of the improved exchange rate and a factory rebate for the first five LSA customers in the USA and by purchasing now you’re onto a real winner.

This offer is available to the first five LSA customers in the US market only who purchase before the end of April 2010.

There is no better time than now to purchase a Pipistrel aircraft with prices that we have not seen for seven or eight years.

Please visit the New Pipistrel website now to get more information on the Pipistrel aircraft range which are now accepted in the LSA category which means they can be used for flight training, hire and reward.

Imagine purchasing your new Pipistrel now and be flying before the end of summer.

Contact your local dealer immediately for information.

Wishing you all the best until the next newsletter, kind regards Michael Coates and the Pipistrel team