Newsletter 48 – January 2010

Pipistrel – 2009 the year in review

2009 has been the most successful year in Pipistrel’s 22 year history. Despite the global financial crisis, Pipistrel managed to increase production and sales by just over 50% compared to the previous year!

Pipistrel hired 11 new employees in 2009, increasing the size of their team to 60.

Pipistrel’s energetic team are some of the smartest people in aviation, 10% of employees have either a masters degree or PHD, and over 50% of the employees have an university graduate or post-graduate education.

In 2009 Pipistrel turned over almost 10 million Euro, the majority of sales being in foreign markets outside the European Union. Pipistrel made almost 1 million Euro of profit which is being invested in their new, revolutionary 4-seat aircraft project; additionally some of the profit has been distributed among Pipistrel’s employees as a reward for their outstanding performance and service to the company throughout 2009.

In 2009, Pipistrel invested over 1 million Euro into research, development, technology, equipment and information technology infrastructure.

Pipistrel’s owner and General Manager Mr. Ivo Boscarol

We are glad that Pipistrel’s achievements didn’t go unnoticed and that the newspaper Delo honoured our general manager, Ivo Boscarol, with the nomination for the prestigious title “Personality of the year” for the second time in a row.

The company and our employees received a number of important awards in 2009.

Naj E-podjetje RS, ing. Jure Tomazic received the student Presernova award of the University of Ljubljana for his graduation thesis “Nova generacija sistemov za upravljanje virov energije v letalih na elektricni pogon”, Dr. Gregor Veble received the Puh award for inventions, achievements in development and application of scientific findings in the development of aerodynamic devices. He also received the title “Primorski Um” for achievement in transferring the knowledge from academic sphere into the economy.

Pipistrel was recognised at the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, USA, where EAA included our aircraft, the new Virus SW on the list of the major attractions of this year’s event and at the AERO 2009 expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany where the appearance of Pipistrel was listed among the Hottest 7 New Innovations presented at the show!

The 15th May 2009 marked a special occasion and double celebration for Pipistrel.

Completion the 300th aircraft from the Sinus-Virus family which was shipped to the United States of America, and at the same time the 50th aircraft from the Taurus family left our production facility where it will find a new home in Brazil.

Pipistrel was also featured in Lexus Magazine, a high quality, brand-specific publication with 600,000 issues distributed all over the world. It is an honour for Pipistrel to be chosen to appear in such a magazine and also a great promotion for Slovenia.

That’s it, 2009 was an extremely successful year for Pipistrel and order positions for 2010 have already been sold out to around June.

There are two upcoming events in the USA we would like to welcome our customers to, firstly starting on 20th January is the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida and then one week afterwards is the Soaring Society of America biannual convention in Little Rock Arkansas, we look forward to seeing you at either of these events where we will have a number of different aircraft on display.

Wishing you all well until the next newsletter, kind regards Michael Coates and the Pipistrel team.