Newsletter 38 – February 2007

Welcome to newsletter 38 – February 2007. In this report we have the following information

  • New web sites for Pipistrel Australia and Pipistrel USA
  • ICAO designators allocated to Pipistrel aircraft
  • Sebring Sport Aviation Expo report
  • Pipistrel kit website progress

New websites for Pipistrel Australia and Pipistrel USA

There has been a really big spring clean of our websites with both the Pipistrel Australian Web site and Pipistrel USA website undergoing major overhauls in the past month. Some of the new features in each website include photo galleries with updated photos and more than 200 new photos never seen before…. there is also a large selection of Taurus photos showing the aircraft in much greater detail than was previously on the website.

We have added a dedicated page to extreme flights showing the unique capabilities of Pipistrel aircraft and there is now a full and complete listing of all the manuals for the Pipistrel Sinus, Virus and Taurus aircraft for each market including the kit manuals.

Overall, the websites have been completely refreshed and I am sure you will find lots more valuable information there and it is certainly worth a quick look.

ICAO designators allocated to Pipistrel aircraft

At a recent meeting of the ICAO (ATDSG) Aircraft Type Designator Study Group, Pipistrel has received yet another feather in the cap by receiving their own aircraft designator codes. Designator codes are not normally allocated to ultralight and recreational aircraft but are usually reserved for certified aircraft only. The good news however is because Pipistrel aircraft are being flown internationally around the world ICAO have seen fit to allocate codes for the Pipistrel Sinus, Virus and Taurus aircraft .

What does this mean for the average owner ? Well, nothing if the owner does not fly in controlled airspace, but if the aircraft does fly in controlled airspace it is now possible to enter these codes on the flight notification form instead of listing the aircraft as an ultralight or other/unallocated aircraft

Pipistrel Sinus                 PISI  L1P  L

Pipistrel Virus                  PIVI  L1P  L

Pipistrel Taurus               PITA  L1P  L

Sebring Sport Aviation Expo report

The Sebring sport aviation Expo has come and gone for another year. Attendance at this year’s event was probably 50% to 100% more than last year and the Pipistrel stand was kept busy from start to finish each day.

It is always great to get enthusiastic people who have followed the aircraft for many years finally into the seat of the plane and when they comment that ” it fits like a glove” a wide smile comes over their face.

Pipistrel dealers Rick Sheldon and Robert Mudd talking with interested customers

The Pipistrel kit builders website operated by Mr Paul Kuntz is going extremely well. His progress has been slightly less than expected over the Christmas break with visiting family and a snowstorm which lost power to his residence for 10 days slowing him down. I am getting lots of feedback about how good the site is and it’s assisting other potential owners in making the decision if they wish to build their own Pipistrel aircraft. Please follow the continued progress of Paul’s website on the following link

Well, thats it for this issue… short but sweet. Take care Michael Coates