Newsletter 37 – January 2007

Welcome to Pipistrel newsletter number 37, in this issue we have some exciting news from around the world.

  • Pipistrel factory to double in size
  • New kit building Web site up and running
  • New website for Australia, USA website to follow shortly
  • Sebring Aviation Expo next week

Pipistrel facility to double in size

In December 2006, construction work for the Pipistrel Scientific Institute for Aircraft Design & Applicable Technologies has begun. Pipistrel has decided to take their knowledge a step further by erecting the Scientific Institute for Aircraft Design & Applicable Technologies. The Institute will be built adjacent to the existing Pipistrel facilities and will be constructed adjoining the east facade of the production hall.

The 2400 sqm large building will be completed in July 2007.

The Pipistrel Scientific Institute for Aircraft Design & Applicable Technologies will incorporate departments which will take latest aerodynamical research and composite technologies into practice through research and prototyping; this will be a place where theory will be meet practice like never before!

The institute will develop new technologies, build these into the prototypes, testing the designs, modify as necessary, certify the product and offer it to the market (subsidiaries as well as 3rd parts producers).

Along with the aerodynamic and structural (composite) department the Institute will also house “Research in the field” for the Slovenian Governments Rational use of Energy and Renewable Energy Sources division. Scientific partners in this project are University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Economics, which will bring their D-school to the new building, and University of Nova Gorica with its post-graduate programmes and laboratories.

The building itself will be as state-of-the art as are the activities inside it. The building had been designed in compliance with the strictest ecological standards and adopts the latest features in energy savings from around the world.

No air or hard particle emissions will be released outside the building, all air will be recycled and reused in a large percentage. To produce their own electricity, the Institute will take advantage of Slovenia’s largest (100kW) solar power plant on its roof in combination with gas cogeneration. Gas cogeneration will, apart from being one of the most efficient way to produce electricity will also provide the building with thermal energy. Airconditioning and ventilation will be achieved through a revolutionary system quoted at up to 90% efficient.

New kit building Web site up and running

So you might be interested in building a Pipistrel 51% approved kit ?? well, several of our customers have jumped in and done just that with one of our first customers in the USA Mr. Paul Kuntz establishing a website where he will publish the progress of building of his Sinus 912 KIT.

Paul, his wife Mary & Ivo Boscarol during Paul’s visit to the Pipistrel factory in Slovenia

As Paul informed me in an email….

“I’ll be adding some missing pictures in a few days, and will be updating it regularly as I progress through the building process.”

Check out his website:

The great thing about this website is that it’s actually produced by Pipistrel owner.

He has a wealth of information in the about his decisions to actually purchase a kit, the process of buying and paying for the aircraft and also delivery and setting up home so he can complete the process. Overall this site will be a wealth of information to anybody considering building a Pipistrel aircraft.

As most customers are aware that Pipistrel Sinus and Virus aircraft have recently been accepted by both the FAA and Recreational Aviation Australia as an approved kit meeting the 51% requirement.

Thank you, Paul!   We wish you great success with your KIT Sinus 912 and expect you to fly into Oshkosh this July as promised!

New website for Australia….. USA website to follow shortly

The new and improved Pipistrel Australian website is now up and running on the following address….

The new website has undergone a major overhaul over the Christmas break and has many new features and additions and although not quite finished it should be completed sometime in the next few days.

The US website is currently being worked on and it is our intention to have the USA website updated and published by the start of Sebring. Please check over the coming week

Sebring Aviation Expo next week

It’s that time of year and the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo is on again next week in sunny Florida.

January 11-14 at Sebring Regional Airport is the place to be to check out all of the latest offerings available to the aviation public. Of course Pipistrel will be there and are well represented under the guidance of our local dealer Mr Rick Sheldon and his team of helpers (including Robert Mudd & myself) for more informationIf you can make it down to this event please remember to drop by and see the Pipistrel stand just inside the main entrance.

Finally it is time to get the Pipistrel support group really active and going now that we have several kit builders with questions. If you are in the Pipistrel aircraft, building one or just interested in the Pipistrel philosophy please join the yahoo support site where you will be able to correspond to owners all around the world. Join up by clicking the link on the left-hand side and then customising your membership to either the visit the site whenever you wish, receive a daily digest messages or receive each single post as an e-mail. At the moment the site is fairly in active because most owners have no problems and are busy flying but it is a fantastic resource for owners all around the world to share

Well that’s it for this edition, I look forward to seeing everybody at Sebring.

Take care, Michael Coates Pipistrel USA