Newsletter 34 – April 2006

Welcome to Newsletter 34 – the latest edition of the Pipistrel aircraft newsletter for April 2006.

In this issue we feature information about…..

  • Sun N Fun in Florida
  • Natfly in Australia
  • An Australian altitude record


Recent weeks have seen the Pipistrel team jetsetting around the globe representing the Pipistrel brand.

Early April was Sun N Fun time in sunny Florida, then over the Easter break we attended Australia’s largest sport aircraft fly-in called Natfly in Narromine and then the following weekend was Mudgee’s Wings Wheels & Wine Air Show. Very busy, busy, busy

The Pipistrel site at Sun N Fun was really well attended throughout the week with literally
thousands of visitors dropping by talking to our dealers about the exciting Pipistrel aircraft.

Here, David Dixen, our dealer for the Minnesota area poses for the camera with Sherry Sheldon
simulating preflight checks for an upcoming book on light sport aircraft pre-flight daily inspections.

All of our recent air shows have been extremely successful with fantastic inquiry rates and several secured sales including several for the new Taurus aircraft. Pipistrel’s entry into the USA market is strengthened as we work towards Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) acceptance with the cooperation of a specialist industry consultant.

Natfly at Narromine was again really well attended with probably 600 aircraft flying in over the Easter long weekend period. Several of our customers showcased their aircraft and assisted with the high level of inquiries throughout the weekend. Windy weather hampered Saturdays activities, but our location coupled with our trailer and tent kept our team away from the elements and able to successfully talk with customers.

The Mudgee international airshow attracted five Pipistrel aircraft on a perfect autumn’s day
in the background is a P51 Mustang, an old DC3 and two of the RAAF Roulette aerobatic teams PC9’s

The following weekend we attended Mudgee’s Wings Wheels & Wine Air Show where I was pleased to see five Pipistrel aircraft in attendance. Airshow displays were completed by several of our pilots throughout the event and feedback on the speed and grace of the Pipistrel aircraft flowed throughout the day, Charles Dalglish one of our regular supporters put on an excellent demonstration of engine off performance flying quite aggressively for several minutes without losing much height.

Four of the five pilots attending the Mudgee airshow, from left to right – Michael Coates
Phil Allen kneeling, Charles Dalglish and Bruce Etheridge, missing from the photo and
walking around the airshow somewhere is our latest Pipistrel customer John Thirlwell

Charles is a regular to readers of our newsletters assisting each year with the Royal Blind Foundation
flight for sight events. Here he models the latest in designer pilot clothing which reluctantly I must tell you
he did himself.     No wonder he can never find a passenger to fly with him !

Australian altitude record

To add some special interest to the Mudgee airshow I attempted to see how high a standard Sinus aircraft without any modification could safely fly. Strapping on the oxygen and getting airways clearance our efforts were rewarded by reaching 18,200 feet before our rich running engine started to slow down…… That’s not bad for our first attempt and it claims the Australia altitude record for two-seat ultralight registered aircraft. We look forward to making some slight modifications to our engine to go even higher next time by installing a leaning circuit to the carburettors.

Well that’s it for now, take care…. Michael Coates