Newsletter 31 – December 2005

Welcome to Newsletter 31 – the latest edition of the Pipistrel aircraft newsletter.

In this edition we have important information on

  • The increased maximum take-off weight approvals for the Pipistrel Sinus aircraft
  • Our new USA dealer servicing the south eastern portion of the United States
  • Information regarding the rescheduled Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in Florida

Heavier take-off weights approved


After consultation with the Slovenian CAA and other airworthiness organisations I am happy to report that the Pipistrel Sinus aircraft has officially been approved in Australia at 585 kgs maximum take-off weight.

Whilst this maximum take-off weight has already been accepted in the USA, it brings our Australian customers into line with customers in other countries.

Now, the confusing part. If the aircraft is registered with Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA) as an Ultralight aircraft then it is limited to a maximum take-off weight of 544 kg as allowed by Australian law. If the aircraft is registered with the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) then the maximum take-off weight, once approved by their organisation, will be 585 kg. Aircraft registered as VH experimental factory-built are able to be flown at 585 kg. Confusing? Not really. It all depends on how you actually register your aircraft. For customers in other countries requiring copies of the acceptance and certification please do not hesitate to contact me and I will send you the information through.

Whilst on the subject of certification for our US customers, we are still working towards having the aircraft accepted into the Light Sport Aircraft category. The only stumbling block is the fact that Slovenia, where the Pipistrel aircraft are manufactured, does not have a direct bilateral agreement with the FAA. We are currently working on this problem and are hoping to have a resolution early next year. In the meantime it’s business as usual for the USA with all aircraft being registered as experimental for exhibition and air racing in either the aircraft or glider categories.

New dealer for Florida and South East USA

Pipistrel would like to welcome Richard Sheldon to our dealer network. Richard is based on Florida’s Gulf Coast at Destin airport which is centrally located between Pensacola and Panama City.

Richard’s first demonstration aircraft, a Sinus nosewheel, will be arriving around the third week of December with a second aircraft for sale arriving some time in February 2006. For all of our potential customers in South-east USA I encourage you to contact Richard and organise a trial flight as soon as possible.

Rescheduled Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in Florida

Good old hurricane Wilma raced through Florida’s Panhandle during the same day as the Sport Aviation Expo was being held. Fortunately the organisers had the foresight to call the event off three or four days before Wilma hit. The rescheduled event is now being held from the 12th to the 15th of January 2006. Pipistrel USA will be in attendance at site number three which is just inside the main entrance area on the left-hand side. Our new dealer, Richard Sheldon, will be pleased to demonstrate his new Pipistrel Sinus nosewheel aircraft to those of you fortunate enough to visit us there. Please make sure you drop by and say hello and see for yourself why others are describing the Pipistrel aircraft as being the best made production planes available in the market.

Aircraft available for immediate delivery

Our California dealer, Mr Vance Turner, has just received two new Pipistrel aircraft.He currently has in stock one nosewheel Sinus aircraft and one Virus aircraft. Both are brand-new and still in the plastic wrapping from the factory.

Why not spoil yourself this Christmas and take immediate delivery of one of these fine aircraft ?

Vance can be contacted on   530 417 1896    Email

Robert Mudd in New Mexico has a demonstrator Virus available immediately with about 100 hours on the clock, Robert can be contacted on 505 269 8234 or Email

Well that’s it for our last newsletter in 2005.

The year in review has been very successful for Pipistrel who have settled into their new factory, achieved the first flights of the Taurus aircraft, the first serial delivery of the Taurus aircraft to a customer, delivery of the 200th Sinus aircraft and ramped up production to bring you more exciting aircraft into the future. We have enjoyed producing these newsletters for you and as always appreciate your feedback.

Finally, whatever you are doing over the upcoming seasonal period please have a good time and please, fly safely.

Well that’s it for now …. Michael Coates