Newsletter 3 – January 2003

Just a quick update to the website to show off the first Australian Magazine feature on the Pipistrel Sinus and Virus Motorgliders done by Pacific Flyer Magazine

The February 2003 Edition of Pacific Flyer Magazine
Part of the feature has a colour double spread on the aircraft, but somehow a
bi-plane picture snuck into the top left corner ??

Excitement is mounting as our first aircraft leave Slovenia and we are please to announce that Tine (pronounced Tina) is heading over for Natfly at Narromine over Easter. If you would like to get some time in the aircraft under the supervision of one of the factory test pilots please drop me a email to get a list going.

As i said… just a quick email to let you know about the Pacific Flyer magazine article and we look forward to another update in March when the first two aircraft arrive.

Take Care Michael Coates