Newsletter 28 – August 2005

Welcome to Newsletter 28 – Its been a month or so since the last newsletter and there is a lot to talk about. This newsletter will be closely followed by a newsletter on the Taurus aircraft.

  • Oshkosh 2005
  • Aircraft for Sale in Australia and USA
  • Flight for Sight 2005

Oshkosh 2005

Well what an event Oshkosh 2005 was…… To say we were busy on our stand would be an understatement. Initially I was concerned at moving from the Northern aircraft display area down to the Ultralight area but my reservations were quickly dispelled on day one when we were inundated by eager aviators wanting to know more about the Pipistrel range.

Monday at 10am and the crowds have already started !

Helping at the show this year were the three US dealers, Robert Mudd from New Mexico, David Dixen from Minnesota and Vance Turner from California. We were also fortunate in securing the help of Phil from Canberra and myself. We additionally had a couple of part-timers helping with Larry Geiger from Nebraska and Charles Dalglish from Australia dropping in to lend a hand for a few days. Overall the team of five people were kept flat out through the duration of the event, even when trying to fly home on the Sunday afternoon we were still answering questions and handing out brochures as the aircraft were pushed to the flight line for departure.

The interest this year was equally spread across the three separate aircraft, with one Sinus aircraft and one Virus aircraft on display in our site and one nosewheel Sinus on the flight line doing demonstration flights. The whole team was kept busy from the time we arrived to the time we left each evening. Although we could not get a Taurus to the show, it also generated a lot of interest from long time glider pilots, want-to-be glider pilots and others who had been following the Taurus for some time.

The demonstrator Sinus on the flight line was really kept busy in what could only be described as very demanding conditions. A strong 15 kn cross wind blew most days and with tall trees at each end and along one side of the short grass runway, turbulence was abundant. A most unusual circuit pattern to avoid the GA traffic, helicopters and ground obstructions really showed the controllability of the aircraft which was ably piloted by Robert. There were times when only the Sinus and one or two other aircraft ventured into the air because conditions were so poor and a couple of aircraft fell foul to the disturbed air. It was a good opportunity to showcase the Pipistrel aircraft in demanding conditions and show just what they are capable of.

Here Vance explains the propeller operation to the crowd

The entire team on the final day, worn out and weary, from left to right
Phil Allen, Robert Mudd, Michael Coates, Ken Luxford (XCOM Avionics) David Dixen and Vance Turner

Sinus for Sale

We currently have several second hand aircraft for sale as the dealers sell off their demonstration aircraft in preparation for their replacements. Some are USA based and the other is in Australia. These aircraft represent very good value from money and are available for immediate delivery.

USA Based Aircraft

One 2004 Sinus about 50 hours at $88,000 US$ (David Dixen’s Demonstrator)
Equipment = rescue parachute system, Garmin 327 digital transponder, XCOM VHF transceiver with built in intercom, strobes, navigation lights, landing light, long-range fuel tanks and large instrument panel – (I have flown this aircraft from Minnesota to Oshkosh and it flies beautifully, is really well presented with no damage and would pass as a new aircraft – Michael)

One 2004 Virus about 160 hours at $75,000 US$ delivered (Vance Turners Demonstrator)
Equipment = rescue parachute system, long range tanks, aircraft powered ICOM hand held radio, 296 Garmin GPS and phone connection, two David Clark headsets (one noise canceling), tail probe for vario, new tires, extra airspeed and compass instruments additional to the Brauniger panel, large instrument panel, strobe, running lights and landing light and full set genuine aircraft covers.

One 2004 Sinus about 50 hours at $92,000 US$ Presently at Robert Mudd’s place
Equipment = Dynon D-10A EFIS with artificial horizon, airspeed, altitude, g-meter, outside air temperature, true airspeed, TruTrak DSC-300 three-axis autopilot with yaw damper, Becker COM Radio, Becker transponder, rescue parachute system, landing light, strobes and running light, genuine Pipistrel wing covers, tiedown rings for wings. Garmin 296 GPS with bracket (runs off of 12V plug), long range fuel tanks and large instrument panel.

Two brand new 2005 Sinus and Virus Aircraft arriving in the next week available immediately

Equipment = One Virus and one Sinus. Both with tri gear, ballistic rescue chute, strobes, running lights and landing light, long range tanks, large instrument panel, door locking system, XCOM 760 radio and in built VOX intercom, Garmin 327 digital transponder with altitude encoder, Borgelt B40 Vario and tail probe, Blue mountain multi function EFIS G3 display and panel mounted 296 Garmin GPS. Check with Vance Turner for pricing.

Virus for Sale in Australia

Our Canberra, Australia dealer has just clocked 250 hours in his Virus demonstrator so it’s time to sell and replace the aircraft with another Virus kilted out with the latest in avionics technology.

The aircraft comes fully equipped with Standard Accessories and Ballistic Rescue System, Wingtip Strobe Lights, Running Lights and Landing Light, Additional Right Door Air Vent, Aircraft Tie Down Kit, XCOM 760 VHF Transceiver with Intercom, Aerial and Harness, XCOM Intercom with music input and second COM input, Microair Transponder, Aerial and Harness, Uniden UHF Radio, Dynon EFIS D10A, Garmin 295 Colour GPS, Custom windscreen cover and Custom Luggage Bag.

This aircraft has been well cared for and meticulously serviced with full log books. With a new price of over AU$135,000 plus delivery this aircraft is a great buy at only $126,500 Australian Dollars including GST.

Flight for Sight

Well it’s hard to believe another 12 months has come and gone. It has now being almost a year since we last flew around Queensland raising funds for the Royal Blind Foundation with the event we call Flight for Sight.

This year we are off again from the 1st to the 12th of September. We will again be travelling the extremes of Queensland on Australia’s east coast. During the trip will be visiting many remote and often unserviced areas hopefully spreading the good word about protecting your eyesight with simple things like wearing approved sunglasses whilst outside, making sure you wear safety glasses when using work tools and also assisting people who are blind or have serious vision impairments by putting them in contact with the services which can make their life more liveable.

Last year’s event raised just over $100,000 for the Royal Blind Foundation.  This year’s event has already raised $32,000 before we have even started which gives us great encouragement to again break the $100,000 mark.

There is a lot of media attention for this year’s trip with Channel 10 doing a feature on our aircraft and the trip before we depart and also a follow-up on our return. For those in Australia who watch the nationally networked Channel 7’s Sunrise program you will be able to catch up with our team on Thursday 1st of September as we depart from Brisbane’s Archerfield airport.

Primarily our media interests are in spreading the word about the Royal Blind Foundation and their assistance for people with vision impairments but the Pipistrel aircraft also get terrific coverage. This year I will be joined by Phil Allen from Canberra who has been on the last two Flight for Sight events and Charles Dalglish from Lithgow who will be joining us for his second event. Additional to the normal Flight for Sight team from the RBF we are being joined by Bob Doe from Bermuda who will be acting as our chief navigator, plane washer and interpreter.

So if you’re based in Australia and are interested in following this event please look for us on Channel 10 this coming Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or watch Channel 7’s Sunrise program next Thursday the first of September.

If you would like to help support Flight for Sight please download the information and donation form from this link. Click Here

Finally it can only happen at Oshkosh…. Below is the view from the cockpit of the Sinus taxying for departure, two F15’s taxied right in front of us and then departed… You have no idea of the vibration and noise from the engines at 15 meters away….

Well that’s it for now ….. Safe flying Michael Coates