Newsletter 27 – June 2005

Welcome to Newsletter 27 – Well it’s been a few months since the last newsletter and there is a lot to talk about.

  • Celebrations – 200th aircraft approaching
  • Second hand aircraft for Sale – Europe, Australia and USA
  • Freidrichshafen update
  • Pipistrel Propellers
  • Trikes fully certified in Australia factory built and kit built
  • XCOM now standard in Pipistrel
  • Oshkosh 2005

Celebrations !!

The 200th Pipistrel Sinus/Virus aircraft will be sold some time in July. It didn’t seem that long ago that we were talking about the 100th plane being sold. To celebrate this achievement Pipistrel are offering one lucky customer who orders in July a special aircraft with the following options supplied and installed for free

  • VHF radio with lightweight headset
  • Big instrument panel in carbon
  • Solid luggage racks
  • Aircraft anchoring set and tie-downs
  • Deluxe aircraft covers
  • Unique 200th aircraft stickers

This is a one-off special for the owner lucky enough to order the 200th aircraft. My rough calculations price this out to be a huge saving of just over $7,000 !!

Sinus for Sale

We have two second hand Sinus aircraft currently for sale, one is our USA demonstrator the other is the Pipistrel factory demonstrator in Europe.

Sinus 503    At the Pipistrel factory but ready to send anywhere in the world, Sinus 503 motorglider, basic panel with ballistic chute. In my opinion the 503 motorglider is a great balance between economy of purchase and soaring ability. Being light and responsive the Sinus 503 will soar better than the 912, the trade-off being it’s not as suited to the touring role as the 912 powered aircraft are. This aircraft is described by Ivo at Pipistrel as being in excellent condition with less than 100 hours on the clock. Priced at just Euro € 43,500 this is a really good buy, saving € 10,000 off the price of a new aircraft at € 53,500… that works out to around $52,500 US$, $68,000 AU$ or $74,000 NZ$ plus shipping and any taxes, don’t wait because this aircraft is available on a first come basic.

Sinus 912    USA Based Sinus 912 motorglider with nosewheel, ballistic parachute, long range fuel tanks, strobes and landing lights, large instrument panel, tie down kit, XCOM VHF radio with inbuilt intercom, presently registered, flying and N numbered around 150 hours in excellent condition. Priced new at €70,920 plus shipping ($85,500 US$) this plane is available now for only $72,500 US$ a saving of approx 15% on the new price. Available immediately.

Virus for Sale

Our Canberra, Australia dealer has just clocked 250 hours in his Virus demonstrator so it’s time to sell and replace the aircraft with another Virus kitted out with the latest in avionics technology.

The aircraft comes fully equipped with Standard Accessories and Ballistic Rescue System, Wingtip Strobe Lights, Running Lights and Landing Light, Additional Right Door Air Vent, Aircraft Tie Down Kit, XCOM 760 VHF Transceiver with Intercom, Aerial and Harness, XCOM Intercom with music input and second COM input, Microair Transponder, Aerial and Harness, Uniden UHF Radio, Dynon EFIS D10A, Garmin 295 Colour GPS, Custom windscreen cover and Custom Luggage Bag.

This aircraft has been well cared for and meticulously serviced with full log books. With a new price of over AU$135,000 plus delivery this aircraft is a great buy at only $126,500 Australian Dollars including GST.


Last month saw the running of the biggest Airshow in Europe. Held every two years in Germany’s Freidrichshafen it was again a great opportunity to catch up with the Pipistrel team. A bus was organised for the whole Pipistrel factory and they made the 10 hour trip through the Alps to attend. It was great to catch up again with the factory team and I am sure that after a trip around the displays they were justified and proud of the quality of their product when compared to some of the other exhibitors. It’s true that the Pipistrel aircraft are probably the best produced and finished of any of the Sport Planes on offer.

The Pipistrel team from Left Michael Coates, Marjana and Ivo
from Pipistrel and the German dealer Peter Goetzner

Pipistrel Propellers

Pipistrel propellers are now available to the public; no longer do you just need to own a Pipistrel aircraft to enjoy these tough and reliable props. The Pipistrel propellers utilize the same world leading designs that Pipistrel use in their aircraft and are now available for all engines up to 100 hp in tractor or pusher configuration, in 2, 3 or 4 blade and also the 2 blade variable pitch as fitted to the Sinus and Virus aircraft. If you’re after a performance edge on the competition then I would strongly recommend the Pipistrel range. Please contact me for pricing


So you didn’t know that Pipistrel made trikes ?

Well they do and they have been selling them for years. The trike range is reliable and solidly constructed; they are available with the Rotax 503, 582 or 912 (4 stroke) engines in a number of different wing options.

Our first trike arriving in Australia – A 582 powered Spider Model

The same attention to detail that gets put into the Pipistrel Sinus and virus is also carried over to the trike range.

We have just had the Pipistrel Trike range approved for sale in Australia as RAA approved aircraft suitable for training and flying school operations or private flying and you can even build them as a kit.

When factory built they are registered as Category 24 or Category 19 as amateur built aircraft.

The trikes are solidly made from chrome molly steel and aluminium. The suspension is provided by a solid composite landing gear on the rear and a trailing link, shock absorbed front end.


Large easy to read fuel tank

How’s this…. Towable behind a car !

Pricing is also very reasonable

Aircraft Model
Factory Built RTF
Quick Build Kit – No Wing
Plus 503 model
AU $16,800
US $13,000
AU $10,000
US $7,700
Spider 582 model
AU $22,600
US $17,400
AU $15,500
US $11,900
Twister 912 model
AU $30,500
US $23,500
AU $23,100
US $17,800

Prices ex factory and exclude GST

XCOM VHF Transceiver

We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Pipistrel on the XCOM VHF radio. The XCOM is our own product developed over the past 2 ½ years and it’s ideal for the Sinus and Virus aircraft. With an inbuilt VOX intercom, Dual Watch to monitor the active and standby frequencies at the same time, large easy to read screen, memory channel scan, high power output and a host of other features it’s no wonder why Pipistrel have chosen the XCOM as their standard inclusion when people request a VHF radio. Did we also mention that it’s the smallest and lightest VHF panel mount comm available ?

Please check out our comparison page against all the other popular VHF radios at

Following is a really cool link where you can actually play with a radio online…. Please try it out.

Pipistrel are also the XCOM general distributors for Slovenia and Italy and have good stocks.

Oshkosh 2005

Well its that time of year again and we look like having all of the US dealers at Oshkosh this year with both a Sinus and a Virus on display.

Are we taking a gamble ??

This year we have moved from our traditional spot in the Northern Aircraft area down to the LSA area (previously know as the Ultralight area). This move gets us closer to other LSA aircraft and gives us more room to move on a larger site. We also (subject to safety) may be able to fly of the UL strip and demonstrate the aircraft daily to those attending. We are in a prime position facing the main Oshkosh runway and right next to the tram drop off point for those who don’t like to walk. We look forward to meeting you all again this year.

Well that’s it.. Safe flying and see you all in Oshkosh. Michael Coates