Newsletter 26 – February 2005

Welcome to Newsletter 26 – Today we have good news and unfortunately bad news…… Lets get the bad news over with first.

  • Bad News
  • Good News
  • Trikes – Lets have some fun !

Bad News is a Price Rise…..

We all knew it had to happen… Rotax have put their pricing up on engines, composites have gone up, labor rates have gone up. In fact I don’t think there has been one thing to go down in the past year (except the US$…. Sorry guys).

From the 1st April 2005 there will be a price increase of approximately 5% on the pricing of the Sinus and Virus aircraft, good news is for orders placed with the factory prior to 15th March, accompanied by a 20% deposit the 2004 prices will remain fixed.

Considering the purchase of a Pipistrel aircraft ?? Then it makes sense to get your order in NOW.

Good News…. For our Australian customers

The strengthening Australian dollar to the Euro is great news, today it traded at over 0.61 Euro cents….

By following the 3 month graph below its interesting to see the climb since mid December, the saving on a 912 Sinus over this period is a massive $7,000 Australian Dollars !!

So what am I saying ??….. Buy the plane while the AU$ is high and before the price rise and save big time, occasionally the market works in our favor and this is one of those occasions that rarely comes around.

3 Month Graph Australian to Euro Dollar

Good News…. For our US customers

The news is not all bad for our US readers either…. The US$ has recently strengthened against the Euro as well, basically from the 1st January its been climbing and with a 6% gain your aircraft are also getting cheaper.

Pipistrel Trikes

We have recently added the Pipistrel Trike range to our sales line-up in both the USA and Australia. With about 400 hours personally in trikes I can strongly give the thumbs up on the Pipistrel aircraft. They are ruggedly built and finished off to the same standard and meticulous attention to detail as the Sinus and Virus.

With 3 models to choose from they will are well priced and should find an easy entry into our markets.

With strong sales in Europe for many years they have more than proven themselves in the field and have even found their way into military use.

We are actively looking for dealers for the trike range in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Well that’s it.. Safe flying Michael Coates