Newsletter 25 – February 2005

Welcome to Newsletter 25 – mostly pictures in this issue…. You know they say a picture is worth 1000 words…

  • Taurus Pictures
  • Sinus “Tundra” ?
  • New Wing Tests

Taurus Pictures

The Taurus in flight !! No the photo isn’t doctored…. This is what it looked like when taken.
When a high resolution version turns up it will become the next calendar screensaver for the April Quarter.

This series of photographs shows the sequence of raising or lowering the propeller.
Total time in either direction is only 2.5 seconds !!

The Taurus continues to get wide press exposure as they pick up on this exciting new aircraft.

The first customer aircraft are due for delivery within weeks.

The Sinus “Tundra” ?

The great thing about the Pipistrel factory is they are always focussed on the requirements of customers. Normally a manufacturer would laugh at you if you asked for huge tyres on a graceful and sleek plane like the Sinus…. But on the request of a customer Pipistrel’s team have fitted this Sinus with large ballon tires on both front and rear. After test flying the factories test pilot noted

“The tundra wheels decreased the vmax of cca 3% (without wheel spats) the consumption is higher cca 5% at Vcruise”

So expect to use a little more fuel and to go a little slower…..


More Strength Testing

Not content to rest on past achievements the Pipistrel team have completed testing of their wing to the new German regulations which now require the strength testing to be completed at 54 degrees Celsius.

The good news is the wing passed with ease and even at these high temperatures the wing held on until 10.5 g’s before breaking.

I have seen the video and you just wont believe how far the wing actually bends before finally letting go.

Well that’s it.. short and sweet.

Safe flying Michael Coates