Newsletter 23 – December 2004

Welcome to Newsletter 23, the last for 2004. In this issue we have some catching up to do because we havent had a new newsletter in almost 5 months…. Time just gets away…..

  • New computer screen wallpaper
  • Pipistrel update and 2004 report
  • Round the world aviator Matevz Lenarcic
  • Introduction to the US markets
  • Flight for Sight review


For your viewing pleasure

As we head into 2005 it is our pleasure to produce this NEW computer screen wallpaper. The photograph was taken on the recent Flight-for-Sight trip over the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

The download is around 2.4 mb and the file is a self installing exe file. There is plenty of room on the left for the normal screen icons and I must say – it’s distracting !

Every time I start my damm computer I wish is was out flying !

Click on the picture of the link below to start the download…. Enjoy !

Pipistrel Update the year in review

This report is really hard to start writing as just so much has gone on in the past 12 months.  We have had the Pipistrel factory relocate into new premises, the Sinus of Matevz Lenarcic fly solo around the world, the introduction of the Sinus and Virus into the US market, the release of the Sinus and Virus Kits, the Taurus has been released to the eager public and finally we have freshened up the web sites for both Australia and the USA introducing a new and interactive price list.

The Pipistrel factory have finally settled into the new purpose built factory. Its construction took more than 18 months to complete but hey… what a place !

Following are some photographs of the new facility and the production areas.

Front of the building facing the road. The rear faces, and has direct access to, the airfield


Doing the final checks before test flight

Elvis – hard at work fitting the electrical systems


Aircraft being packaged and shipped all over the world


Lots of room for the future growth of the Pipistrel range


It’s easy to see, with investment like this in a new facility, that Pipistrel is serious about the future. Moving into the new factory has allowed an immediate increase in production from 4 aircraft per month to 7, with 10 being the target for mid year.

Round the world by Sinus

Without too much fanfare, Matevz Lenarcic arrived back home on the 25th August 2004 in what many are describing as the second best aviation event of 2004, coming a close second to a rocket powered spaceship…… Anyway Matevz beat that space ship in my books !!

We last caught up with Matevz at Oshkosh 2004 where he arrived during his trip.  With the worst parts of the trip over (or so we thought) he only had to fly through Canada, cross the Atlantic and head back into Europe to complete the journey. (Sounds easy when you say it fast)

Well Canada put its bureaucratic foot in the door again and at great expense, and with the assistance of our sweet talking dealer Larry Geiger, Matevz finally made it through Canada’s red tape. The seriousness of all of this is that, with Canada putting up so many barriers to light aviation, this might possibly be the last time we see a light aircraft circumnavigate the globe.  Canada’s bureaucracy, paperwork and insurance is extinguishing the flame of adventure.

The final approach to Ajdovscina – where it all started – after flying around the world solo

Handshakes, trophies, media…… and finally, celebration.

There are a number of web sites with details of this round the world achievement…..

Visit Matevz’s site at….

Visit Earthrounders site at

Another ‘earthrounder’ flew in to congratulate Matevz and more details can be found on

One of the goals of Matevz’s trip was not only to fly around the world solo in an Ultralight registered aircraft, but also to record the journey and adventure on film for others to experience. Matevz has recently opened an exhibition of his photographs but rather than hang them on the normal stuffy gallery walls, these are displayed outdoors on a raised platform giving the viewer an idea of just what it would be like to see these landscapes themselves. The exhibition has been on display recently in Slovenia and it will tour the world throughout 2005.


Congratulations Matevz

US Market Hots Up

The introduction of the Sinus and Virus to the US markets has been very pleasing with more than 6 aircraft currently stateside. The teething problems with the Sport Pilot category have obviously slowed things a little, as has the falling US dollar against the Euro. The good news is that we don’t need the Sport Pilot category to fly the Sinus or Virus in the US !  Registered as a self launch glider, you can enjoy these aircraft right now and you don’t even need a medical ! Please contact either myself or one of the US dealers for more information.

Interactive Price List

Both the Australian site and the US site now have a fully interactive price list.  Select the options that you want and the total price is automatically calculated at the bottom of the page. The Australian site calculates Euro, Ozzie Dollars and New Zealand Dollars and the US site calculates Euro and US Dollars.  The forms can be saved and emailed to you for later reference or you can even place your order directly.  Please try them out from these links


The first customer orders for the Taurus aircraft are due for delivery early in the new year. A lot of our time is taken up with inquiries about the Taurus and we have recently updated both web sites with more pictures and new information. Delivery for the Taurus is currently 11 months.


The enormously successful Flight for Sight event was held again in October. After raising around $60,000 dollars last year, expectations were high and I am happy to report that over $100,000 was raised from this year’s event !  Funds go to the Royal Blind Foundation assisting people with blindness or vision impairment and in particular our funds are directed towards children’s services. Great news and I am pushing Phil and Charles, who each accompanied me on the trip in their Virus and Sinus aircraft, to put pen to paper and scribe out a story for an upcoming newsletter.

As always, please come back to me with any questions from this newsletter.  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you the compliments of the season from the whole Pipistrel team. Whether you’re enjoying 44 degrees in Australia, like we are at present, or you have snow on the airfield, please enjoy the break and have a happy new year. 

Safe flying and take care.

Michael Coates