Newsletter 18 – June 2004

Welcome to Newsletter 18, we have lots to report including….

  • Progress on the new Pipistrel Factory
  • Sinus Round-The-World trip
  • Pipistrel Aerobatic and Demonstration Team – New Web Site
  • Taurus Update !!

Please read on….

Pipistrel Factory Progress

With special thanks to Tine our on the spot reporter and photographer for these great photos and update….   (Tine is also the factory test pilot and solo performer in the Pipistrel Demonstration Team)

Wet weather and a late winter has delayed completion of the factory by approximately 2 months. The photos show good progress and the team are close to moving into this 3.5 million Euro facility.   Production will increase from four aircraft per month to ten aircraft per month by September.

Click on any of the smaller images to open a larger photo

Business entrance at the rear of the factory for deliveries

View up the driveway (when finished) towards the front car park and public entrance to the factory

View from the airport with direct access to the runway through the large roller doors

Sealed and ready, the rear factory roller doors lead directly to the runway

Inside the factory where completed aircraft are kept

The main production hall

Staff carpark and delivery access

Production hall upper level is almost complete

Sinus Round-The-World trip

Newsflash from Ivo about Matevz’ Lenarcic’s round the world flight:

“He will depart on his journey this coming Sunday, June 6th, around midday from Ajdovscina airport. The Pipistrel demo team will accompany him east-bound across Slovenia towards the Hungarian border. Matevz will continue his route to “I really don’t nowhere” and the demo team will break away at Ptuj to perform at Slovenes biggest annual airshow”

I think it goes without saying that we all wish Matevz a safe and trouble free journey on this adventure of a life time…. We will have more to report in future newsletters of his progress and those wanting to keep up-to-date can register at his website for additional information. Visit and select the small English flag on the left hand side of the page. His planned route will take him through the following locations….. Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Capo Verde Islands, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Spain, France, Italy and then back to Slovenia. Matevz, we wish you well !!

Pipistrel Demonstration Team – New Web Site

It had to happen….. Thousands, OK… hundreds, well maybe half a dozen screaming and frenzied girls left wanting at airports following the departure of the Pipistrel Demonstration Team now have a website to check up their next appearance dates and get information on the performers. The site features information on the aircraft, their routine, the pilots and upcoming performance dates…
Did you know they are doing a demonstration at the Special Olympics Opening Event ?

Please check out for additional information.

Taurus Update

OK… I am probably going to get in trouble here but my undercover man reports the following ‘unofficial’ information on the Taurus preliminary flight testing.

“I personally haven’t flown the Taurus yet but insider information from Ivo, Saso Kolar and Franci Popit (engineers on the Taurus development team) who have flown it report…. It’s very quiet, both under glide and with engine running. With one person on board it climbs about 850 fpm, with 2 persons on board about 450-500 fpm – more than ANY conventional Motorglider! These are approximate figures as the aircraft is still in flight test stage. The envelope has now been tested from full configuration and clean stall (very nice pre-stall buffeting was reported, no tendency to spin whatsoever) to 200 km/h. Saso who is also a very experienced glider pilot said it GLIDES LIKE HELL! According to him, at 150 km/h, which is a VERY VERY nice speed to glide it feels like you’re in a high-class competition glider. You can imagine the team is thrilled about the performance Takeoff distance 1 person is 120m, 2 persons about 170m, but the prop hasn’t been fine tuned yet so you can probably expect some 15m less distance when it gets adjusted”.

I have been promised a full report in the coming week which we will send out as a newsletter update.

Busy times at the factory with the construction, the Taurus flight testing and the round-the-world flight starting next week. I will have more to report shortly.

As always please come back to me with any questions.

Take care Michael Coates