Newsletter 15 – April 2004

The Pipistrel Taurus is polished and ready for flight testing……

Several years in development….. The team which brought us the Sinus and Virus are now ready to test fly the new Taurus Motorglider. The Taurus is again a unique and cutting edge aircraft from the Pipistrel team, which will over time, extend what is acceptable in modern aircraft designs.

The obvious things which make the Taurus stand out from the competition are the large cockpit with side-by-side seating and full dual controls, the Rotax 503 engine which is expected to power the Sinus to around 750 fpm climb at MTOW.

Now for the good news…… The Taurus will be available with AND without engine !! That will please about 50 people who have emailed asking that very question, YES the Taurus can be used as a towable sailplane !!.

Following is the calculated performance information on the Taurus which will be confirmed over the coming weeks during the test flying program. I am excited to bring you more information in the coming month.

Taurus is made in GFK (epoxy resin, glass, carbon, kevlar). The airfoil used on wings is ORL 170, (F. Orlando).
503 UL DCDI 2V
max power (with 2 carb.)
50 hp at 6600 rpm
2 blade Pipistrel wooden 1600 mm diam
wing span
15,2 m
49.87 feet
7,17 m
23.52 feet
1,41 m
4.63 feet
wing area
12,33 m2
132.72 ft2
rudder area
0,9 m2
9.69 ft2
horizontal tail area
1,36 m2
14.64 ft2
aspect ratio
positive flaps
9 deg, 18 deg
negative flaps
5 deg
center of gravity
22% – 41%
empty weight
260 kg
575 pounds
minimum pilot weight
60 kg
132 pounds
maximum total pilots weight
212.5 kg
468 pounds
max take off weight (MTOW)
450 kg / 472,5 kg FR
992 / 1042 pounds
fuel tank capacity
30 l
7.93 gal
useful fuel
27 l
7.13 gal
stall with flaps
62,5 km/h
34 knots
stall without flaps
65,5 km/h
35 knots
manoeuvring speed
135 km/h
73 knots
max speed with flaps down
130 km/h
70 knots
max speed with airbrakes out
200 km/h
108 knots
max. permitted speed
225 km/h
122 knots
235 km/h
127 knots
0,65 m/sec
130 fpm
min.sink speed
80 km/h
43 knots
max. sink with airbrakes
5,5 m/sec
1082 fpm
best glide
best glide ratio speed
60 knots
best glide at 140 km/h
best glide at 180 km/h
max towing speed
150 km/h
81 knots
45°-45° roll time
3,9 sec
take off run MTOW
115 m
380 feet
take off over 15 m MTOW
230 m
755 feet
cruising speed with 75% power
145 km/h
78 knots
max climb rate
(MTOW) 3,9 m/sec
767 fpm
service ceiling MTOW
6.800 m
22,500 feet
max load factor permitted
(x1,8) +4g -2g
max load factor tested
+ 7,2g – 7,2g
fuel consumption at cruise speed
12 l
3.17 gph
Note: all data are calculated and are subjected to change without notice