Newsletter 14 – March 2004

Welcome to Newsletter No. 14. the close cousin to Newsletter 13 which came out last week

We have heaps of information to share with you on……

  • Sinus and Virus Kits
  • Beyond Top Secret….. The Taurus

We are always being asked if the Sinus and Virus are available in kits, normally the answer is ‘no the Sinus and Virus are only available as Type Certified UL Aircraft’ but after negotiations with the manufacturer we are happy to announce the availability of kit versions starting from April 1st.


There will be 2 versions of kit completion a 51% kit which meets the requirements for the FAA checklist and a QBK (Quick Build Kit) which requires only about 200 hours of finishing by the home builder.


The pricing of each kit version has been finalized at €49,500 for the 51% kit and €53,400 for the QBK powered by the Rotax 912 Engine, these prices represent a saving of 15% on the 51% kit and 8% saving on the QBK over the factory completed certified aircraft, the 503 powered Sinus will cost €40,000 for the 51% kit and €44,000 for the QBK.

The kits will include everything needed for completion including the engine, all fittings, epoxy etc.. There is a very complete Kit Building Manual currently underway which includes over 1,000 colour photographs taken on my recent 3 week trip to the factory. Sample photographs follow and we will have sections of the manual available on the website for review in the coming weeks.

Orders are now being accepted for the kits.

The Taurus

Sworn to secrecy for so long I am happy to report the maiden flight for the new Taurus is scheduled for late April.

Ivo being interviewed about the Taurus by Slovinean TV

The Taurus is a unique and special aircraft, powered by the Rotax 503 it is more than a self launch glider, this aircraft will actually climb !! Seating is side-by-side which in itself is unusual in glider but it will make an ideal training aircraft.

Engineers fit the rudder to the aircraft

What is possibly the largest canopy you will ever see offers the occupants an uninterrupted panoramic view. The estimated glide for the Taurus is a respectable 40:1 and I believe the Taurus will make an ideal trainer for gliding clubs which are being pressured by the increasing costs of aero tows.

Sleek aerodynamic profile

The Taurus shares many parts in common with its Sinus and Virus brothers including the most obvious part at first glance the Sinus wings, the dual wheel undercarriage is fully retractable and provides the plane with good ground handling manners and you can even turn and taxi the aircraft using the differential toe brakes.

Retractable undercarriage with doors to be fitted

Plenty of room

Engine retraction takes about 4 seconds in each direction

Wooden propeller with polished carbon spinner

Fitting the rudder pedals

This will be one exciting aircraft and full details of the test flight program will be available as it happens, the expected launch price for the Taurus is €70,000 with expressions of interest being accepted.

Take Care… Michael Coates