Newsletter 136 – April 2021

Newsletter 136 APRIL 2021



Location: SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus, Lakeland, Florida, United States

Dates: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 – Sun, 18 Apr 2021

The first major airshow post Covid is now only a few days away and our team are already on the Sun n Fun grounds setting up to provide visitors with the best possible display.

In the light aircraft exhibits area, which is also known as Paradise City we have Rand and his team on site LP004 which is right next to the food court (conveniently), and on one of the main roadways for passing visitors.

On display will be the Pipistrel Sinus FLEX, a 50-foot touring motorglider, the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer which has become one of the most successful training aircraft in the US, and finally the Pipistrel Taurus Electro with trailer. This will be a fantastic opportunity to view these aircraft as well as the Pipistrel Virus SW on the flightline which will be used for daily demonstration flights throughout the event.

Interested in electric aircraft?   Interested in touring motorgliders?   or interested in training aircraft? then Rand and his team will be available at site LP004 in the light plane exhibits area.

For more information and details of our Sun n Fun airshow discount, contact Rand on 813-774-2127



Friday, April 16 at 12:30 PM right before the airshow on SUN n FUN Radio be sure to listen out for Brad Marzari (known to his podcast followers as “launchpad Marzari”, a champion and enthusiast for promoting aviation) who will take over the microphone and talk about all things Pipistrel.

Available locally on 1510 AM or through Podcast streams worldwide including  Sun n Fun Radio



Look out for Pipistrel in the new Sun n Fun digital daily, your first stop location for information about everything Sun n Fun.    Sun N Fun Digital Daily

Finally, the best until last….

A cancelled Oshkosh last year held off the official public debut of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft. This year’s Sun n Fun will be the first public exhibition of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft in the North East Exhibits area (between the exhibit hangars and the FAA building).

Andy Chan and his team are on sites NE7 and NE8, just steps away from the Phillips 66 Compass Rose.

For more information and details of our Sun n Fun airshow discount contact Andy on 407-729-0720 for your own personal demonstration of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft, or just drop by to sites NE7 and NE8 at any time for more information.

Team Pipistrel USA is looking forward to your visit !