Newsletter 135 – December 2020

Newsletter 135 December 2020

A Pipistrel PANTHERA for just €35  ? ?

Hard to believe but absolutely true – your very own Pipistrel Panthera in time for 2021 for just €35

This project has been a long time in the development but finally Eclipson Aeroplanes have released the Panthera model to the public.

For €35 you get all of the files to enable you to make your own 53 inch wingspan Pipistrel Panthera flying model using 3D printing technology.

€ 35 download includes…..

  • STL files
  • G-codes for PLA and LW-PLA
  • Scheme design
  • Cura profiles
  • Model for Real Flight simulator
  • 2 alternatives landing gears
  • LW-PLA version reinforced with CF
  • Removable wing and landing gear
  • Full flaperon design


Panthera Model Specifications

  • Printed Weight      LW-PLA   380gr      PLA   700gr
  • Take-off weight     LW-PLA   650gr       PLA   1050gr
  • Stall speed             LW-PLA   27kmh     PLA   32kmh
  • Wing loading         LW-PLA   38g/dm²   PLA   61/gr/dm²
  • Wing span             1350mm (53″)
  • Wing surface         17dm2
  • Wing aspect ration   10
  • Length                   990mm


All of the information is on the following link including recommended 3D printers, filament, power system, battery, radio control system and everything else you need along with links to where you can purchase.

Please make sure to watch all of the videos including the assembly guides, parts one and two, and also a customer review of the system.

Whether you’re experienced with 3D printing or want to just get your “toes in the water” then this is an ideal way to experiment and experience what this amazing technology can do.

There is no better way to do this than with a fully flying Pipistrel Panthera model.