Newsletter 132 – August 2020

Newsletter 132 August 2020

3 New – Private Pilot Glider Ratings in Just One Day

Video courtesy of our friends at the Aero News Network

It is a great day when a flying school can send one of their new pilots to solo, imagine how much better it is to get three pilots past their check ride all on the same day !

This recently happened at Right Rudder Aviation in Inverness Florida and I thought it was time to investigate more about what this active flight school is doing and find out more about their $2999 Private Pilot Motor Glider package.

Founded in late 2016 by two UCF graduates, Right Rudder Aviation provides flight training for anyone who wishes to take flight, whether for sport or as a potential career in an industry which is growing exponentially in demand.

Unfortunately  flight training costs have skyrocketed in the past years and according to poll figures, the number one reason students give up on their dream of becoming a pilot is due to the high cost. One of the largest flight schools in the nation proudly advertises their program at a cost of $80,995 !

This is more than 1.5 times the average US income!

With costs like this, it is easy to understand why potential aviators are sometimes forced to give up on their dreams.

To the team at RRA, this was unacceptable. They firmly believed that the dream of flight should be accessible to everyone. After extensive market research, they determined that a large portion of the cost of training is due to the use of an ageing US general aviation fleet. Most flight schools utilize the same 172 that debuted in 1956 using 1930’s technology. These aircraft are now outdated, and the cost of operating these aircraft is a major factor in the cost of flight training.

Recognizing this, RRA has joined forces with light-aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel, to offer the next generation of AFFORDABLE flight training.

Pipistrel’s mission to significantly reduce the cost of flying perfectly dovetails into the RRA vision of making the dream of flight accessible to everyone. Utilizing the highly efficient modern Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, RRA is able to reduce fuel expense by 75%, and pass these savings directly to the customer.

RRA is proud to announce the addition of a new program; the most cost-effective way to become an FAA certificated Private Pilot!

Launching at only $2,999, the all-inclusive program is a complete package that takes a student from novice to Private Pilot Glider and this can be completed in as little as two weeks!

With dozens of graduates already, the program has proven to be a huge success.

So what does a $2999 package provide ?

  • 10 Hours Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Rental
  • 8 Hours Dual Flight Instruction
  • 2 Hours Ground Instruction
  • Aviation Headset
  • Pilot Logbook
  • FAA Glider Pilot Handbook
  • FAA Regulations & Airmen Information Manual
  • FAA Private Pilot Glider Practical Test Standards
  • Pilot’s Operating Handbook
  • Online Written Test Prep Software
  • Aeronautical Knowledge Written Exam Fee
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Checkride Fee


Fine Print: This package includes everything needed to become an FAA Private Pilot-Glider.

Some students may need additional flight and/or ground instruction in addition to what is already included in the standard package. Special promotional pricing is available for a limited time and may be withdrawn at any time. Please contact Right Rudder Aviation for more information.


Andrew Chan
+1 407 734 1442

Inverness Airport (KINF) 4250 S Airport Rd
Inverness, FL 34450


About RRA
Right Rudder Aviation focuses first and foremost on the fundamentals of flight. Their mission is to make flight accessible to everyone who dreams of taking off. Based at the Inverness, FL Airport, they are the Fixed Base Operator, providing a Full-Service Flight School, Preowned Aircraft Brokerage, and Pipistrel Dealer