Newsletter 131 – August 2020

Newsletter 131 August 2020

Pipistrel partners with Microsoft in New Flight Simulator.

Pipistrel, in partnership with Microsoft, are honoured to announce the Pipistrel Virus SW 121 is one of the PREMIUM aircraft available in their new, long-awaited, Microsoft Flight Simulator Program, which is released on August 18.

The highly accurate model of Pipistrel Virus SW 121 will be one of the planes available to fly in the Premium Deluxe Edition. You will be able to fly in realistic weather and land at your local or even international airports. Take to the skies and experience the joy of flight with Pipistrel Virus SW 121 in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.…/microsoft-flight-…/9PMDBL7963LD…

The simulator has received huge acclaim from the community for its extremely realistic scenery, revolutionary weather engine and detailed aircraft models. Making use of Microsoft Bing maps and Azure cloud computing services, the Microsoft Flight Simulator can replicate the World at an extraordinarily high level of detail.
It is an honor for Pipistrel to be part of this ground-breaking simulator and it was a pleasure to be involved with the developers over the past two years.

Pre-order is already available on Microsoft website through their Xbox gaming platform:

The Virus SW 121 is included in the Premium Deluxe version.