Newsletter 129 – June 2020

Newsletter 129 June 2020

First graduates from the FREE Pipistrel online course.

The first graduates are completing the Pipistrel online courses which have been made free because of the Covid-19 outbreak (See newsletter )

it’s great to see people coming through the program and the positive comments at how much they have really enjoyed doing the online course, obtaining a certificate, and now going on to enjoy their free test flight.

One of our first USA graduates Hal Stiles has recently completed his course and just undertaking his free Pipistrel test flight. Because he is the first one through the USA system he received a special gift from Pipistrel of a 3D printed model of the aircraft flew. Hal really enjoyed the experience and have recently been flying in some other LSA aircraft but he says now he will continue to fly just Pipistrel, great endorsement !

Check out his video below…

Australia is not to be left far behind and our first flying customer Don Smith has completed two of the online courses including the ALPHA Electro course, which he really enjoyed.

Don normally flies the F70 with Alliance airlines for his day job and his favourite aircraft carries the decorations as shown in the photo below which commemorates the first flight from England to Australia in 1919.

Don and Michael Coates are shaking hands “Covid style” after enjoying a very successful demo flight