Newsletter 121 – February 2020

Newsletter 121 January 2020

SSA (Soaring Society of America) Convention

The Soaring Society of America convention starts in just a few days time. February 20-22 at the Little Rock (Arkansas) Convention Centre.

This is a great event with a large number of very educational speakers and some great displays.

Pipistrel USA will have the TAURUS Electro aircraft on display at this years convention along with our solar trailer charging station. This is an ideal opportunity to visit the Pipistrel team and get a first-hand look at one of the best recreational soaring aircraft currently in the market.

Several of the Pipistrel team will be speaking at the event including our tourist aircraft specialists Steve Dee and Kim and Terry Slawinski.

Please take this opportunity to visit team Pipistrel and learn more about the Pipistrel Taurus Electro aircraft

Terry and Kim Slawinski

Deciding what glider to buy is a daunting task. However, if you define your soaring mission, you will quickly narrow your search to a very few appropriate options. Therefore, we will begin with our mission criteria and how they helped us select the Taurus Electro. Next, we will examine the innovative design characteristics of the Taurus and the solar trailer. Features we will discuss include the wing’s planform, airfoil, and angle of incidence. Fuselage features include the canopy, cockpit ventilation, main landing gear, and steerable tail wheel. Solar trailer features include the 10 solar panels capable of generating 1500 watts, the two gel lead batteries storing 4 kWh, and the BluWave inverter and solar charging controller. Then, we will review the usual flying performance numbers and flight characteristics unique to the Taurus in glider mode.

We will spend a bit of time describing how to manage and operate the electrical propulsion system. We will cover all the ways to charge the glider, manage State of Charge and State of Health, Battery life expectancy, and the awesome self-launch capability of the electric motor. We will finish with a description of the Joy of OFI Soaring in the Taurus Electro. We will go from the hangar to the runway, fly the amazing takeoff and climb into lift, stow the motor, do some soaring, land like a glider, then taxi conveniently back to the hangar. Our Taurus Electro G2.5 is the best glider we have ever owned or flown for the way we like to soar. Join us and see why.

Steve Dee

Steve Dee soloed in gliders at 14 and has been flying ever since. Having earned Commercial Glider and CFI Ratings in 1973, he attended the USAF Academy and was able to teach in the Academy Soaring Program for 4 years, as the first Freshman Glider CFI in the history of the program. After graduation, Steve attended USAF Pilot Training and served 2 tours as an Instructor Pilot, then joined the South Dakota Air National Guard to complete 30 years of service flying the A-7D and F-16C. During that time, he got hired at FedEx and flew the 727, DC-10, 757/767, and MD-11 aircraft, accumulating 20 years as Captain in 3 different types.

Throughout those years, Steve continued to pursue crosscountry glider flying with a passion, and discovered powered gliders in 2003. Since that time, he has earned the World Distance Award, and competed in numerous OLC based events. Along the way, Steve created the flight school Motorgliding USA, with the primary goal of bringing quality Self-Launch Endorsement training to market. He has utilized both Self-Launch (SLS) and Touring Motorgliders (TMG’s) in his school, and brings the perspective of both to his presentation on Self-Launch Training in the USA.

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