Newsletter 12 – December 2003

Lots to talk about in our latest newsletter including….

  • NEW USA Site up and running
  • New USA Dealers
  • New Wallpaper Calendars
  • Large Instrument Panels
  • Kit Build Available Soon
  • Pipistrel Building Update

The New USA Site is finally up and running – it is full of rich content and information on the release of the Sinus and Virus aircraft into the USA market in the Sport Pilot category.

Please visit the site and have a look around at

You can currently purchase a Sinus or Virus and register the aircraft in the US …. email for more information

Along with Pipistrel’s entry into the USA, we have appointed our first local dealers.

Robert Mudd.   Robert has a long time association with gliding and is currently the US dealer for APIS gliders

Your first port-of-call for information about the Sinus and Virus in the US is or you can contact the one of our dealers above if that’s more convenient.  We are planning to have our first US aircraft on display at Sun N Fun in 2004 with orders currently being accepted for April 2004 delivery.

New Wallpaper Calendars

What can i say…. these look bloody fantastic !! They are available from the link below and automatically install as your computer’s default desktop.  They have a three month calender down the right hand side which makes them really useful as well as a nice background. There is currently one image for each quarter but depending on your feedback we might get a new image done for each month….. feedback welcome

New Instrument Panel Option

The Sinus and Virus are drifting from their original roots as a performance motor glider and slope soarer towards being a Sports Aircraft and Tourer. Along with these widening roles there is a need for more instruments to be crammed in and the factory have responded to our call with a new instrument panel which is much larger than the standard panel.

It has room enough for just about anything you could want to fit and there is a map pocket on each side of the panel for storage.  Priced at Euro 650 they are good value and available as an option at time of order.

Kit Build – Early 2004

You’re reading right…. the Sinus and Virus will be available as a quick build kit early 2004.  Work is currently being undertaken on the manuals, video and assembly information with an expected completion date around Feb 2004.  The aircraft will meet the 51% quick build requirements with an expected 300 hour assembly.

More details available soon…….

So how is the building going ??

I am getting asked this question daily when referring to Pipistrel’s new 2000 sqm factory complex at Ajdovscina airport. Thanks to Tine for the photos.  I will let the photos show the progress. The expected finish date is around April 2004.

I thought you would like these number plates……..


All for now…. be sure to check out the new USA site.

Safe flying Michael Coates