Newsletter 110 – January 2019

Newsletter 110 January 2019

2019 – Countdown starts to the Great Air Race

Pipistrel releases a NEW MODEL just for the Great Air Race – The Pipistrel “ADVENTURER”

Countdown has started to this year’s Great Air Race (GAR) from London to Australia

2019 marks 100 years since the remarkable and ground-breaking first successful flight from England to Australia.

The GAR presents a unique and major opportunity to commemorate the centenary of the first international flight from the United Kingdom to Australia – a historic event, significant to the global aviation, communication and travel industries.

Parallel to the innovative and adventurous nature of the Great Air Race in 1919 it is proposed that the commemoration of the Centenary will be equally inventive and pioneering.

Capitalising on a concept initially proposed by a well–known Australian aviator and adventurer Dick Smith AC, the 2019 Centenary Great Air Race will be targeting innovative, new aviation technologies with the lowest environmental impact.

This concept will push the boundaries of current aviation technology, and the resources and the expertise that is required to design and fly such an aircraft on this 18,000 NM adventure. The event is technically feasible but completing the route in an electric, hybrid or similar low-consumption aircraft will be an unprecedented achievement that is similar to the efforts of the Smith brothers and crew 100 years ago.

The development of these race aircraft will hopefully fast-track the development of electric and hybrid aviation technologies by 10 years.

Several Pipistrel dealers have entered the GAR, flying a new model specifically developed for this competition.

We are proud to release the Pipistrel “ADVENTURER”  as a limited edition model, designed for global events like the GAR. This same race aircraft model is now available to the public at a heavily discounted price, so why not join this great adventure with other Pipistrel dealers and owners from around the globe?

There are currently 20 entries (DEC 2018) from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Why not purchase a Pipistrel Adventurer and join this once-in-a-lifetime event ?

There are 4 categories in the GAR 2019 and we are entering the Pipistrel ADVENTURER aircraft  in Class 4 – Fuel Efficient Aircraft:

  1. Battery electric
  2. Hydrogen fuel cell electric
  3. Hybrid electric (Avgas, Mogas, diesel or other fuel as specified)
  4. Fuel-efficient aircraft
Pipistrel Adventurer mock-up for pre-race promotion and advertising.
Proposed route from London to Australia

The Pipistrel Adventurer

Pipistrel has developed a special ‘Limited Edition’ 30th anniversary aircraft for entry into the GAR.

The ‘Pipistrel Adventurer’ is basically a standard Virus SWiS with Dynon or Garmin instruments and long-range 185-liter fuel tanks, appropriate to fly this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Aircraft with race number, team details and other limited edition stickers celebrating the Pipistrel Adventurer model

Great Air Race 2019 Launch Video

Hostilities in some countries may mean this could be the last chance for an individual in a small aircraft to fly from London to Australia, through Egypt, the Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia etc..

The Pipistrel Adventurer is a unique aircraft with the following features:

  • Garmin or Dynon communications and autopilot
  • MT Constant Speed Propeller
  • 185-liter Fuel Tanks – Sufficient for this event and almost double the normal long-range fuel tanks size
  • Beringer wheels and brakes
  • Long-lasting 8-ply tires on all wheels
  • Unique stickers for the event with your race number, pilot’s name and team information, sponsorship stickers if required and your country flag on the tail.

This aircraft would normally sell for €172,807 ex-factory, but as a special promotion we are offering the Pipistrel Adventurer model with a €12,800 discount, making the total price only €160,000. The cut-off time for ordering your aircraft at this special pricing is the end of March 2019.

The aircraft will be ready for delivery in October, one month prior to the start of the Great Air Race. You are welcome to join other race competitors in preparing your aircraft at one of the Pipistrel factories in Italy and Slovenia, where a series of smaller ‘shake-down’ trips are planned to validate that each aircraft is ready for this great adventure.

As we prepare for the race start, all Pipistrel competitors will fly from the Pipistrel factory to the starting airfield in the UK for the pre-race celebrations.

Even though each competitor will be flying individually in the competition, we believe this is a great opportunity for aircraft owners from around the world to bond during this fantastic trip. Of course you will get the support of other dealers and competitors to make sure you finish the race in Darwin – Australia.

When arriving in Darwin at the end of this great adventure, you can head off to explore Australia in your own time and when completed, Pipistrel Australia will assist in transporting your Pipistrel Adventurer race aircraft back to Europe, the US or anywhere else in the world by sea-container if you don’t want to fly home.

Contact Michael Coates  immediately for more information about the Pipistrel Adventurer and the Great Air Race 2019.