Newsletter 109 – November 2018

Newsletter 109 November 2018

The Pipistrel Academy – FREE online training course

FREE interactive online training course that explains operating and flying an electric aircraft

The Pipistrel Academy is made up of two very distinct activities. The Pipistrel Academy teaches new pilots from around the globe the skills they need to get the most out of any Pipistrel aircraft & Pipistrel-Online is a fully operational, interactive, online learning platform and what I will talk about today.

Pipistrel-Online was conceived in 2012 and has expanded rapidly in the past 6 years, now with over 750 regular users from 32 different countries. This program is available to all Pipistrel aircraft owners and operators as part of the educational resources of the Pipistrel group.

Individual owners can use Pipistrel Online to obtain more information about their aircraft and how to operate it correctly, flight schools can use the complete system or individual elements of the training program to suit their needs and requirements.

There is a lot of truth in the sayings that “any training system is just a production line for pilots”.

Aircraft are only one single element of this production line and Pipistrel Online can assist owners and flying schools develop the elements for a complete training system.

Pipistrel pilots can complete their type training theory anywhere, at any time, and at their own pace. The program offers a controlled learning environment with pre-prepared scenarios, support for student pilots with substandard performance and it makes an excellent learning platform saving time for flight instructors giving classroom tuition.

Pipistrel Online is available for preview at

Pipistrel-Online is a methodical and operationally well proven training system. It offers users high quality, theoretical training instruction for all Pipistrel aircraft types in English language (other languages are also available).

Lessons are organised in logical subparts that are designed in a way that lead the trainees from basic to more advanced concepts clearly and lessons are supported by interactive video, diagrams and drawings. Interactive quizzes enhance the learning effort of the trainees and offer a useful tool for evaluation by their instructors.

As a representative example of the scope and methodology of the training courses, Pipistrel-Online offers the complete ALPHA ELECTRO course for free for any interested parties and it’s the first online course that explains the ins-and-outs about operating and flying an electric aircraft.

Whether you are a (student) pilot, flight instructor or an aviation enthusiast. Pipistrel-Online has been tested and verified by experimental and production test pilots of Pipistrel and instructors of the Pipistrel Academy and flight schools around the world.

Pipistrel-online is all about advanced aircraft – explained clearly, we would welcome you to try out our free training courses online and explore the exciting world of flight.