Newsletter 103 – May 2018

Newsletter 103 – May 2018

Serial Number 900 leaves the factory headed for Australia

May 2018

It’s hard to believe that the time passes so quickly and here we are shipping Serial Number 900 from the Sinus/Virus family to a very excited customer in Australia.

This very special Virus SW has the best of everything, is beautifully finished and is headed to a leading brain and spine surgeon in Australia. The owner hopes to volunteer his skills as a surgeon and pilot to one day fly medical teams to people in need, and particularly those in remote locations.
He said:
Dear Pipistrel CEO, thank you for gracing this planet-home of ours with your humble genius. What a magnificent company you and your team have nurtured and patiently watched flourish. Future eco-aviation is your legacy. The photo of you and your Pipistrel team around my Virus SW plane, Artemis (S/N 900), that dear Tadej and Michael just sent me, has left me speechless in awe. It reflects the tender but solid meticulous care upon which every aspect of Pipistrel has surely been founded. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so very much looking forward to the future and to the skies.

Warmest regards from Australia,

(900 aircraft does not include, Taurus, Apis, EASA type certified SW121 models and Panthera models. Does not include 200 x SW80 Garud delivered to the Indian armed forces, does not include Military and special government platforms)

Now, it’s interesting to look back at the size of the workforce when Serial numbers 100 and 200 were manufactured compared to Serial number 900.

Serial Number 200 of the Sinus/Virus Family April 2006
Serial Number 100 of the Sinus/Virus Family leaving the factory in April 2003