Contact Pipistrel Flight Training Schools

Would you like to learn in a Pipistrel Aircraft ? Please contact your Pipistrel Flight School.

Would you like to train and learn in a Pipistrel aircraft ?

We are pleased to recommend a number of Flight Schools training with Pipistrel aircraft.

Right Rudder Aviation - Inverness FL

Right Rudder Aviation

Location:  Inverness Florida
Contact:   Andy Chan
Phone:  407 734 1442
Aircraft:  Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer
Flight instruction for Gliders and Airplanes (Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatic)

Leverage Aero LLC - Woodland CA

Leverage Aero LLC

Location: Watts-Woodland Airport California
Contact:  David ‘Logan’ Wright
Phone:  +1 916 312 3193
Aircraft:  Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer, Pipistrel Virus SW Tail-wheel

Steves Soaring School - Boerne TX

Steve’s Soaring School

Location: Boerne Stage Airfield in Boerne , Texas (5c1)
Contact:  Dave White
Phone:  +1 830 388 0120
Aircraft:  Pipistrel Sinus
Flight instruction for Gliders, Single-engine and Multi-engine Airplane ( Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatic)

Piedmont Flight Training - Winston Salem NC

Piedmont Flight Training

Location: Smith Reynolds Airport, Winston Salem, NC

Contact: Janice Driscoll

Phone:  +1 336 776 6070


Aircraft: Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer, Cessna 172, Piper Archer, Seneca I Twin

Flight instruction – Single-engine and Multi-engine Airplane (Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatic)


Foothill Flight Center - Cameron Park CA

Foothill Flight Center

Location: Cameron Park Airport CA

Contact: Don Bradley

Phone:  +1 530 303 8137


Aircraft: Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer x 2 & Cessna 172

Flight instruction – Sport Pilot, Private, Instrument, Commercial & CFI