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Pipistrel production facility Slovenia

Ajdovscina Slovenia
Slovenian Production

Pipistrel aircraft company new facility in Italy 2019

Pipistrel Italy
Savogna D ‘Isonzo Italy
Italian Production

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions
Headquarters and R&D building
Ajdovscina Slovenia

Pipistrel Vipava
Composites Production Building
Vipava Slovenia

In 2018 a large 4,600 m2 (≈50,000 sq. feet) facility was purchased in the neighboring town Vipava, only 3 miles away from Pipistrel headquarters and 4 miles from the Pipistrel Ajdovscina airfield. This new facility will be used to expand composites manufacturing for the ever-growing demands producing fleets of Pipistrel Aircraft.

Vipava Composites Building Top Floor