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Pipistrel production facility Slovenia

Ajdovscina Slovenia
Slovenian Production

Pipistrel aircraft company new facility in Italy 2019

Pipistrel Italy
Savogna D ‘Isonzo Italy
Italian Production

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions
Headquarters and R&D building
Ajdovscina Slovenia

Pipistrel Vipava
Composites Production Building
Vipava Slovenia

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions
Headquarters and R&D building
Vipavska cesta 2

Engineers everywhere!   With the rapid increase in Pipistrel’s manufacturing came the need for more engineers. Packed like sardines in the Slovenia airport facility it was obvious that more room was needed and in 2017 a large 4,500 m2 (≈50,000 sq. feet) seven story building was purchased in Ajdovscina for the engineering, accounting and company management teams.

This state-of-the-art facility is a local architectural masterpiece being constructed from an outer shell of glass and built to withstand winds up to 120 knots which travel through the area at different times of the year.

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions at Sunset
Pipistrel Vertical Solutions Foyer