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Loaded… Pipistrel Touring Motor Glider. Nose wheel, XL Panel, solid luggage compartment with side door, long range tanks, Removable Pitot Tube, New Night Lights Package w/ smart dim, Beringer Wheels and Brakes, Ballistic Rescue System, Dual USB, Door Locks, Oil Check Door, Feathering 2 blade prop, Premium Leather, Removable wingtips, Aluminum throttle & choke, ASI, ALT, ILEC Vario, Vertical Card Compass, Slip indicator, SkyView SV HDX1100 with Autopilot, Integrated Radio, Intercom, & Transponder, and iPhone mount. ADSB 2020 in and out (weather and traffic). Minor damage To cowling during shipping – repaired – better than new because you can have it now, and save $10,000!

110 knot cruise, 1,100 fpm climb, 700 NM range, 550 lb Useful Load
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