The BEST Canopy Cover for the Pipistrel Sinus, Virus, Virus SW and Alpha Trainer aircraft

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Brand New customer canopy and door cover for all Pipistrel models except the Taurus. This cover is made from SUNBRELLA, a special fabric with a 10 year outdoor guarantee.

These covers have been refined over the past 15 years and the fit, finish and security of this cover is 2nd to none.

The cover completely seals the aircraft from the elements and even extends out over the wing root to keep rain from ever entering the cabin from the wing joints.

The canopy secures really well to the airframe with straps and the straps are colour-coded which makes it really easy to know which strap goes where.

These covers provide absolute security for your aircraft from prying eyes because the windscreen and the doors are completely covered when the cover is fitted.

On the pilot side door (left side) there is even a plastic pocket with Velcro to put in a notice "That if this aircraft needs attention please call on 123 456 7890" this is great if your aircraft is hangered outside or you are touring and it needs attention, I have even received phone calls from airports wanting to move the aircraft so they can do the mowing.

Manufactured in Australia, the fabric has a 10 year guarantee and the manufacturer warrants their work indefinitely against manufacturing defects.

The price of $650 excludes tax and shipping but we can send these around the world with TNT for a very good price.

Multiple covers are carried in stock at any time so they are available for immediate delivery. You will not be disappointed with this product, it is simply the best canopy cover out there for the Pipistrel Sinus, Virus, Virus SW and Alpha Trainer aircraft. Each cover is supplied with a soft bag for storage in the rear of your aircraft when touring.

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