Aero-Fueller Fuel Funnel

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After fueling a Pipistrel Virus during a delivery on a very cold day in Maryland using the typical FBO nozzle, which didn't fit the small diameter inlets, I decided then and there to design a device to make it simpler to fuel these aircraft. This device screws into the inlets, and acts as a funnel with a vent for smoother in flow. No more spilling fuel on your wings and into your air brake channels, and the float gauge prevents over filling. All parts are fuel proof, using PET plastic, butyrate dope, brass, carbon rod, and epoxy powder coating. This device is for the Sinus and Virus(SW). The baffles in the tanks make for slow fueling, in any case, and the large fast flowing nozzles found at some airports are not appropriate. With this funnel you can control the flow into these tanks using any size nozzle.

With this device, you know what the fuel level is in the tanks, (because of the wing dihedral, the fuel level at the inlet is 6 +/- gallons). Just adjust the cork float to the desired maximum fuel level, (typically 1 gallon less than completely full for expansion). Always refer to the interior sight gauges for the last 6 +/- gallons. Also handy as an indicator when fueling via the drain port.

Includes the device, container, and instructions.

New design is simpler and more reliable, works great.

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