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Pipistrel USA

    Pipistrel is flying around the world..... Again

  • 1 biologist
  • 1 Virus SW aircraft - Empty weight = 640 pounds
  • Around the World - westbound
  • 6 equator crossings
  • Over 44,000 Nautical Miles
  • 7 continents
  • 120 National Parks
  • 3 Oceans
  • Antarctic
  • Mt. Everest
  • Minimum unleaded fuel usage
  • New aerial images for a new book
in collaboration with Pipistrel Slovenia

Serial adventurer Matevz Lenarcic is again under way on a trip around the world. This time using a slightly modified Pipistrel Virus SW aircraft fitted with a Rotax 914 engine and long-range fuel tanks.

during this adventure he is again photographing the beauty of our world which can only be expressed in aerial photographs and at the same time he is taking some very valuable recordings of black soot which is a major pollutant around the globe. Many of these readings will be made for the first time in the remote areas he is flying to. More information about this very special and venture can be found at his website.

In cooperation with spider tracks you are able to update his aircraft position in real time using the interactive map below. Spider tracks reports his position every 2 min and by clicking on one of the tracking icons you can have real time information about his position, altitude and speed. This map updates every 2 min.

Refreshing in 120 seconds.
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